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Author Topic: Rumours  (Read 1366 times)

« on: April 21, 2018, 01:07:02 AM »
Paradis is not free from gossip-mongers, and rumours are bound to fly with no television to keep them entertained. Feel free to write down any rumours about your characters here! Bonus pretend points for extra detail (like who might know about it, how true they might be, etcetera).

[ This was done before as a character development question, so you can pop down old rumours from that here too! ]

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir

Re: Rumours
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2018, 01:57:30 PM »
[ pending ]

- Once, he and Anka were run over by a beet merchant. (semi-accurate)
- Mentioning anything explicitly romantic or sexual is bound to make him blush. (semi-accurate)
- He's very good for entertaining children. (semi-accurate)

[ pending]

-- Nack-made rumours
- His father is a tailor in Wall Sina.
- His mother once slapped a member of the Church of the Walls.
- Nack once knocked out a member of the Church of the Walls.
- His nickname is 'Fierce Tierce'. (inaccurate currently)
- His parents have a house in the centre of Karanes District.
- His sister already has two children. One of them's called Nac.
- 'Everybody' calls him Ace. (inaccurate - nobody does)
- When he was a kid, Nack helped catch a criminal with a Garrison soldier.
- He only doesn't want to be in the Top 40 because the Military Police would rather his skills be used elsewhere. (the most inaccurate)
-- other rumours
- Nack once cried when he sparred against Ymir. (accurate, but it was because of SAND in his eye, he says)
- Every month he badgers somebody to talk to him about their life and then passes off a story as his own. (semi-accurate, there are some changes)
- He's only nice to Jean so he can get the top bunk sometimes. (inaccurate, that's just a bonus)
- The only times he gets in trouble in class is when he's sitting with Struna. (mostly accurate)
- If he says 'um' while telling a story, he's trying to remember if he's told you something completely different already. (accurate)

- He once took down an attacker single-handled by snapping their arm back. (accurate)
- If he stares at you, you have something of worth to him. (accurate)
- He has a private shine to the king. (inaccurate; an attempt at humour)

- One time, she killed somebody just with her eyes. (inaccurate)
- If she looks at you longer than 10 seconds without speaking, she's plotting your death. (mostly accurate)
- Once she choked out a cadet for calling her 'pretty'. Nobody knows what happened to them afterwards. (semi-accurate)
- She's allergic to brooms. And cleaning solution. And anything that makes anything clean. (inaccurate)
- If you say Krista's name three times in her vicinity, Ymir will appear. (pretty accurate)
- If she calls you by your actual name, you've pissed her off enough to remember it. (semi-accurate)
- She's the worst dormmate; she randomly sits up at night and stares at the door. (accurate)

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Re: Rumours
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2018, 11:37:50 PM »
• Erwin is gay. (False) – This is the rumor that circulates the most regarding his personal life, and is often the one used by those who stand against him. In truth, he just hasn’t had a relationship in almost two decades. He fell in love once, and has had a lot of trouble letting go of that relationship.

• Erwin slept with Nile’s wife. (Partially True) – Marie is Erwin’s ex-girlfriend. While they did have a very serious relationship at one time, Erwin did not continue seeing her after he broke things off.

• Erwin can kill any man just by staring at him. (False) – Erwin’s intimidating sure, but it’s not as if his eyebrows serve as a second pair of swords.

• He beat Levi in hand-to-hand combat. (True)

• He was on Levi’s hit list. (True) – Only he, Mike, and Levi know. Mike only found out because he saw Levi try to kill him.
« Last Edit: May 27, 2018, 11:38:32 PM by Erwin Smith »

Re: Rumours
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2019, 11:05:45 PM »
Figured this would be a good place to actually record the history of Mercedes' immediate predecessors -- her parents, paternal uncles, paternal grandgrandparents, and (to a lesser extent) her paternal great-aunt  -- for reference, and the rumors that have sprung up about them since, as well as more unrelated ones that have sprung up about Julia and Mercedes since!

The Carello Family
(Julia lives mostly in a state of violent denial about these; Mercedes has been sheltered from them by her but now, at the beginning of her military career, has inherited them nonetheless and needs to figure out whether they're true and, if so, what to do about them.)

+ Rumor: They were bad seeds all along, mostly courtesy of the matriarch, Julia. The patriarch, Esteban, wasn't so bad but he supported his wife so naturally he should be punished. The sons -- Valentin, Joaquin, Alejandro, Rafael, and Léon -- were upstarts and tried to change the status quo too much, were too curious. But mostly it's Julia that was the problem -- she was definitely too curious, tried to improve/change things too much, invented too many clever things, completely disrespected and always questioned authority.
.........Actuality: This is the product of a deliberate tarring done by the government in an attempt to dissuade others. Everything about Julia, though, is generally true. Her husband and sons, however, were genuinely good, noble, and talented people who -- although they often strayed too close to the truth -- were simply in her orbit.

+ Rumor: Esteban and four of his sons (except Leon) died one by one in a short period of time. One flavor is that they got what was coming to them, the other is that they were murdered by the government and while fishy, it's best not to take issue with it. There's a rarer flavor that it was all accidental, but this is rarely believed.
.........Actuality: It's true that they died in weird circumstances close together, at the hands of the government. In a period of five years, in fact.

+ Rumor: The youngest son, Léon, and his wife Amaranta moved out there with the rest of the family but unlike the others, never returned to the Walls. They never belonged to the military, which is kinda weird and seems unpatriotic to begin with. They must've died out there.
.........Actuality: No, Léon and Amaranta never joined the military, but they supported it amply like the rest of their family. They were usually the ones to run spare horses and other small supplies from the family ranch to Scouting Legion expeditions. Julia and Mercedes know they never returned from an exploration one day, and both assume that they were eaten by Titans and don't contest it.

+ Rumor: Esteban's baby sister, Mercé, was engaged for a few months to an unnamed noble, but ran away and was never seen again.
........Actuality: She was indeed engaged for a few months to a noble -- however, her disappearance was also under mysterious circumstances. She was indeed never seen again.

Julia Carello

+ Rumor: She'll shoot you if you come on her property without an appointment.
........Actuality: 98% true. Of the remaining 2%, 1% is an allowance for not being home, or sleeping, and the other 1% is if she gives you the benefit of the doubt.

+ Rumor: She must be at least eighty years old.
........Actuality: She's only seventy -- the years have not been kind.

+ Rumor: She subsists on rage, intellectual inquiry, tea, and the occasional snack.
.......Actuality: Esteban and later, Mercedes, did all the cooking, so now that Mercedes is away at training this is especially true. She is especially prone to not encountering a fruit or vegetable for long periods of time, despite her phobia of mouth problems.

+ Rumor: She wasn't allowed in the military because within five seconds she was cursing out the instructor and sent home.
.......Actuality: Not true. She actually never showed any inclination toward serving in a combat capacity, and never signed up. However, she lets this rumor run free because it amuses her.

+ Rumor: She limps because she's old / fell off a horse or something.
......Actuality: She limps because she was shot in her left hip, which shattered it, and even the best surgery could only do so much.

Mercedes Carello
(Most of these she acquires during training.)

+ Rumor: She has a pleasant, almost hypnotic speaking voice, so she must be great at singing too.
......Actuality: She can't sing for shit and would be mortified at the suggestion.

+ Rumor: She can lift a grown man.
......Actuality: Not yet, but soon. It's one of her private goals. She's still young, after all.

+ Rumor: She's completely aware of what happened to her family and is just ignoring it.
......Actuality: She's mostly in the dark until 847, and had to learn things from sources other than Julia.

+ Rumor: She's already had a boyfriend by now.
......Actuality: Heck, she hasn't even been around other kids until training, much less had anything resembling friends, much less a boyfriend.

+ Rumor: She can shoot a regular rifle with 85% accuracy at 150 yards, 80% at 200 yards. Anything at 100 yards or closer is typically at no less than 90% accuracy, all being well.
.....Actuality: Pretty much true.

+ Rumor: She stole the bangle she wears.
.....Actuality: It was Julia's, given to her for luck when she entered training. It's a family heirloom.

+ Rumor: Her namesake is her great aunt, Mercé.
.....Actuality: True.

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