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    December 26, 2018, 02:47:03 AM
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Author Topic: Rumours  (Read 726 times)

« on: April 21, 2018, 01:07:02 AM »
Paradis is not free from gossip-mongers, and rumours are bound to fly with no television to keep them entertained. Feel free to write down any rumours about your characters here! Bonus pretend points for extra detail (like who might know about it, how true they might be, etcetera).

[ This was done before as a character development question, so you can pop down old rumours from that here too! ]

Axel Falkenrath | Mara Sonnenschein | Ymir | Gustav Volk | Nack Tierce | Quirin Drexler | Gunther Schultz

Re: Rumours
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2018, 01:57:30 PM »
[ pending ]

- Once, he and Anka were run over by a beet merchant. (semi-accurate)
- Mentioning anything explicitly romantic or sexual is bound to make him blush. (semi-accurate)
- He's very good for entertaining children. (semi-accurate)

[ pending]

-- Nack-made rumours
- His father is a tailor in Wall Sina.
- His mother once slapped a member of the Church of the Walls.
- Nack once knocked out a member of the Church of the Walls.
- His nickname is 'Fierce Tierce'. (inaccurate currently)
- His parents have a house in the centre of Karanes District.
- His sister already has two children. One of them's called Nac.
- 'Everybody' calls him Ace. (inaccurate - nobody does)
- When he was a kid, Nack helped catch a criminal with a Garrison soldier.
- He only doesn't want to be in the Top 40 because the Military Police would rather his skills be used elsewhere. (the most inaccurate)
-- other rumours
- Nack once cried when he sparred against Ymir. (accurate, but it was because of SAND in his eye, he says)
- Every month he badgers somebody to talk to him about their life and then passes off a story as his own. (semi-accurate, there are some changes)
- He's only nice to Jean so he can get the top bunk sometimes. (inaccurate, that's just a bonus)
- The only times he gets in trouble in class is when he's sitting with Struna. (mostly accurate)
- If he says 'um' while telling a story, he's trying to remember if he's told you something completely different already. (accurate)

- He once took down an attacker single-handled by snapping their arm back. (accurate)
- If he stares at you, you have something of worth to him. (accurate)
- He has a private shine to the king. (inaccurate; an attempt at humour)

- One time, she killed somebody just with her eyes. (inaccurate)
- If she looks at you longer than 10 seconds without speaking, she's plotting your death. (mostly accurate)
- Once she choked out a cadet for calling her 'pretty'. Nobody knows what happened to them afterwards. (semi-accurate)
- She's allergic to brooms. And cleaning solution. And anything that makes anything clean. (inaccurate)
- If you say Krista's name three times in her vicinity, Ymir will appear. (pretty accurate)
- If she calls you by your actual name, you've pissed her off enough to remember it. (semi-accurate)
- She's the worst dormmate; she randomly sits up at night and stares at the door. (accurate)

Axel Falkenrath | Mara Sonnenschein | Ymir | Gustav Volk | Nack Tierce | Quirin Drexler | Gunther Schultz

Re: Rumours
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2018, 06:54:12 AM »

   •   Sasha Braus will eat anything. ANYTHING.
   •   She will eat rat. She will eat bugs. She will eat grass in a pinch. She’ll even eat dirt.
   •   Sasha once got so hungry that she tried to eat a leather belt.
   •   Sometimes in class, she’ll fall asleep, and, in her sleep, try to eat her homework.
   •   Sasha steals food from storage…
   •   Sasha’s table manners are so bad because she was raised in a tiny hick village where people eat with their bare hands.
   •   Sasha has run more punishment laps than anyone else, ever. Maybe that’s why she’s always so hungry?
   •   Sasha eats so much because she’s trying to grow as big as a titan.
   •   Sasha has the most hilarious reaction when you sneak up on her and surprise her. She has great hearing, so you have to
        wait for her to be daydreaming before you try it.
   •   Sasha is so superstitious that she once freaked out when people toasted each other using mugs of water, claiming that it
        was horrible luck and they were going to die.
   •   Sasha’s a great cook—if only she could be trusted in the kitchen…
   •   Sasha drools in her sleep. She wakes up with a wet spot on her pillow nearly as big as her head.
   •   Sasha once cried while she was taking a written exam. She’s really not good at them.
   •   You better watch out, because Sasha has an uncanny instinct for sensing who likes who.
   •   Sasha’s so gullible that she fell for the “the man who was torn in half is all right now” joke.

Re: Rumours
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2018, 06:59:45 AM »

   •   Captain Levi can’t sleep if his room is dirty.
   •   Captain Levi is afraid of dirt.
   •   Captain Levi washes his pillowcases twice, once right-side out and once inside-out.
   •   Captain Levi brushes his teeth every time he burps.
   •   Every morning, Captain Levi does a deep clean up his nose.
   •   If you see Captain Levi looking at a book, he’s not reading. He’s dusting it page-by-page.
   •   Nothing can make Captain Levi throw up. All the spinning he does has completely inured him.
   •   They say Captain Levi once killed a titan by shoving a blade up its ass.
   •   Captain Levi used to be a criminal from the Underground, but they sentenced him to die by titan instead of being executed.
   •   Captain Levi used to be an assassin. They say he had a hit list longer than his arm.
   •   Captain Levi once saw a rat from in the kitchen, and he speared it with a knife thrown from the other side of the room.
        Then he made everyone look through the entire storeroom of grain to be sure no rats were pooping in any of the bags.
   •   Any wound that Captain Levi cleans or stitches shut is guaranteed not to get infected.
   •   Captain Levi never goes to the infirmary, even to visit the injured. He’s convinced he’ll catch something.
   •   Don’t ever serve Captain Levi food that has milk or cheese in it, or else he’ll spend the rest of the day complaining about
   •   Captain Levi doesn’t actually care about dirt, he just likes telling people what to do.

   •   They say that Squad Leader Hange can make Captain Levi laugh.
   •   Captain Levi has to force Squad Leader Hange to bathe.
   •   One time, when Squad Leader Hange was really mad at Captain Levi, she took a crap in his bed. The only reason she’s still
        alive is that her assistant found out and made her clean it up before the captain discovered it.
   •   Captain Levi once asked Squad Leader Hange if she has a dick.
   •   Captain Levi and Squad Leader Hange are friends because they both think that the other is the only person who’s weirder
        than they themselves are.

Re: Rumours
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2018, 07:12:44 AM »

   •   Squad Leader Hange is obsessed with titans because one once saved her life.
   •   Squad Leader Hange is from a cult that worships titans. That’s why she’s so obsessed with studying them—she wants to
        figure out if they really are gods or not.
   •   Squad Leader Hange is obsessed with titans because she wants to become one.
   •   Squad Leader Hange is obsessed with titans because she’s, uh, you know, interested in titans that way. She gets off on
        torturing them.
   •   Squad Leader Hange became obsessed with titans when she swore to avenge her comrades by finding out how to give
        titans the most agony possible and ensure they die the most horrible deaths they can.
   •   Squad Leader Hange is so crazy that she actually talks to titans like they can understand her.
   •   Squad Leader Hange is supposed to be smart and all, but really, it’s all overblown. She’s not brilliant. One or two good
        ideas and some skill at math don’t make someone a genius.
   •   Squad Leader Hange never wears matching socks.
   •   If Squad Leader Hange is ranting and shouting, she’s not actually angry. You’ll know when she’s angry because she takes
        off her glasses and speaks quietly.
   •   Someone once gave Hange perfume as a gift, and she sprayed all of it on titans.
   •   Squad Leader Hange once wanted to test whether titan skin could retain markings, so she brought ink with her on an
        expedition and drew obscene figures on titans’ shoulders.
   •   Squad Leader Hange is so obsessed with titans that she wants to capture one and keep it as a pet.
   •   Squad Leader Hange thinks that titans are cuter than puppies.
   •   Squad Leader Hange once cut open and climbed inside a titan’s stomach because she was wanted to be in its womb.
   •   Don’t ever ask Squad Leader Hange to tell you about titans. She can spend six hours just talking about their toenails.

   •   Squad Leader Hange never brushes her hair. Moblit Berner brushes it for her while she’s distracted reading.
   •   Squad Leader Hange used to have decent handwriting, but now that Moblit writes everything for her, it’s become terrible.
   •   Half the corps believes that Squad Leader Hange and Moblit Berner are secretly married, and the other half believes Moblit
        is secretly Hange’s mom. Place your bets.
   •   Squad Leader Hange talks to Moblit Berner even when he isn’t there.
   •   “I heard Lieutenant Moblit tried to confess to Squad Leader Hange!”
        “Oh yeah? How’d that end?”
        “...she told him to measure out 38 grams of carbon.”
        *simultaneous sigh*

Thanks to Speck for helping me with the mobuhan rumors! « Last Edit: May 24, 2018, 07:44:00 AM by Hange Zoë »

Re: Rumours
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2018, 11:37:50 PM »
• Erwin is gay. (False) – This is the rumor that circulates the most regarding his personal life, and is often the one used by those who stand against him. In truth, he just hasn’t had a relationship in almost two decades. He fell in love once, and has had a lot of trouble letting go of that relationship.

• Erwin slept with Nile’s wife. (Partially True) – Marie is Erwin’s ex-girlfriend. While they did have a very serious relationship at one time, Erwin did not continue seeing her after he broke things off.

• Erwin can kill any man just by staring at him. (False) – Erwin’s intimidating sure, but it’s not as if his eyebrows serve as a second pair of swords.

• He beat Levi in hand-to-hand combat. (True)

• He was on Levi’s hit list. (True) – Only he, Mike, and Levi know. Mike only found out because he saw Levi try to kill him.
« Last Edit: May 27, 2018, 11:38:32 PM by Erwin Smith »


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