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Author Topic: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]  (Read 246 times)

Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:00:40 AM »
Characters involved (this is not a posting order):

  • Arkin Holt - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining
  • Gladios Haggard - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 87% gas remaining
  • Ian Dietrich - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining
  • Mitabi Jarnach - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 89% gas remaining
  • Rico Brzenska - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 93% gas remaining
  • Silke Falkenrath - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 92% gas remaining
  • Dot Pixis [Squad Leader] - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 93% gas remaining
  • Anka Rheinberger - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining
  • Gustav Volk - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 90% gas remaining

It has been some hours since the assault on Utopia began.  The day is at its hottest point, with the summer sun beating down on the most northerly settlement of humanity.  Blood congeals on dusty cobblestones as the death toll continues to rise with the temperature.  The outer gate still yawns open, allowing more and more Titans to enter the city, though the lead offensive team are quick to thin their numbers.  Meanwhile, the inner gate’s mechanism has been successfully repaired, allowing civilians to evacuate behind Wall Rose.

This Garrison contingent were summoned by the distress signals and flares that rippled out from Utopia.  It has been a long ride, with the soldiers frequently changing their tired horses for fresh mounts to ensure the swiftest possible journey north.  The details of what disaster awaits them are unclear, rumours and witness testimony regurgitated with urgency by the military members they meet along the way. 

With a tide of civilians pushing through the inner gate, the group use their ODM gear to mount the Wall.  From there, they can survey the destruction wrought upon the settlement.  Now they must decide how best to support the existing units in the battlefield, and whether they should seek out their Commander; Pixis had travelled to Utopia earlier in the day, in the company of Anka Rheinberger and Gustav Volk.  Ultimately, the team’s choices and actions will have an effect on the event and its outcome.

As this is a site-wide plot, the NPC account may occasionally feature in the thread, acting as a checkpoint and controlling non-player characters.

If you have a character you would like to have join this team/event, please reach out to a member of staff! « Last Edit: June 09, 2018, 10:12:58 PM by Puffin »

Re: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 07:37:07 PM »
The grit of Silke’s jaw was hard pressed, stern and a reflection of the steely fire that burned within the depths of her icy blue eyes. She could pick up the acrid scent of destruction off the wind, that looming sight of Utopia spiraling into view; smoke ravaging like a haze. It had been a long ride from the Trost District, but she had seen the flares from the north – that distress signal she could never ignore – and abandoned her post to rush out towards the fray. Other Garrison had witnessed the signals, too, and she had soon joined with familiar faces. The sigil of the crimson roses glinted off their backs, heralding the coming of the regiment as they kicked up dust, headed for what she only could assume was to be catastrophe.

It was her forth or fifth horse she rode upon, heels of her boots pressed deep into its side to spur it on, and despite having her sharp eyes fixed on the looming walls of Utopia, her mind raced a thousand miles ahead of her. They were mostly left in the dark with little to go off, save for those rumors and exaggerations from the fellow soldiers they did pass along the way.

Squads had been sent out; civilians prioritized in evacuation. And then there were the whispers that the Cadet Corps was seen in Utopia, so close to graduating when the disaster hit – Silke’s thoughts were immediately on her son. Was Axel out there, running through the streets to fight off the abrupt Titan flood? Was he hurt? Injured? Was he-

Up the Wall. Focus on the task at hand. You will see him.

It was a mantra to snap her back to reality. Tearing herself from the fog of worries, she threw her reigns down and leapt gracefully from her nameless steed; flaring out the wires of the ODM gear to haul herself up the towering walls of stone. She clambered upwards with efficiency, breathing heavy as she pushed to the top of the barrier.

The sweat from the heat of the day cooled against her skin, but the gust of air that howled above the settlement, tearing through her long black hair, did little to freeze the horror pounding through her heart. The reign of hellfire that consumed a bastion of humanity’s safety was startling. From her perch, she could see that outer gate pouring in the shambling bodies of Titans – their fleshy and demented proportions stretched across bone, dancing erratically through the streets. Why hadn’t they shut the gate yet? From where the flesh eaters roamed lay debris, memories of death. Sticky patches of blood looked like nothing more than dark stains from afar, but she knew each one signaled a life lost.

Who had perished, unable to run for help? Picked off by the beasts that knew no mercy? Was this how Siganshina fell, her family, her husband, and so many other victims of that unexpected slaughter?

Her heart burned with despair and fury. No… this time, it was not going to end the same way. She was eerily calm, but deep down, overcome by a torrent of emotion.

“What is our course of action? My suggestions would be to see to those that need our help the most, but there seems to be no end to them…” Her voice sounded far as she suddenly spoke up, to no one in particular, but as a general question seeking guidance. There were figures below, ushering out the civilians to safety, and she could watch across the disjointed rooftops the sweeping forms of Titans grabbing at the air for those that swung around their heads; desperate to conspire the killing blow.

If she were acting alone, she would have taken a leap of faith from the precipice and dove straight into the fray. Blades extended, a murderer’s glint in her eye taking over the softness of her usual personality. There were offensive teams, seeking out the Titans to thin from the crowd, or the bodies below shepherding out the remaining citizens; holding that line strong. If it was entirely up to her, which needed help the most?

But she was not a leader; not yet. She was a Garrison grunt receiving orders from others, and therefore, she turned to peer over her shoulder to see if any fellow comrades had joined her specific perch on the Wall.

Silke would banter on the course of action, but in the end, desired nothing more than to throw herself into the bloody carnage. She had someone to protect, and down there, dead or alive, she would find him. If the rumors reigned true, if her son really was sloshing through the crimson soaked streets with all the other Cadets, Silke would fight for him.

Axel was the only thing she had left in this world.

If he didn’t make it…

Hell hath no fury like a mother’s wrath.
« Last Edit: June 02, 2018, 07:37:36 PM by Silke Falkenrath »

Re: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2018, 02:56:27 AM »
Arkin had found himself almost lost in the sound of hooves thundering on the ground and his own ragged breath in his ears. It seemed like days since he had left the ever capable Rahab in command of his team and had mounted the first of a few horses to make the breakneck journey to Utopia. He had found himself riding among mostly old friends though. He knew most of them. Knew they were capable and strong - and that gave him comfort. He if he could not be with his own team - he was content to be with Ian, Mitabi, and the rest.

With his hair stuck to his forehead and his eyes red from the dust, Arkin looked towards the sun for a moment. His grandmother was fond of saying that no matter what happened, whatever tragedy befell, the sun would rise again. Well, here it was, high in the sky, beating down on those who were dead and those who were about to meet death. There was a cruelty to the sun today. Sighing, he took the smallest of sips from his canteen. Arkin would save what water he could for those who needed it more.

He had followed the rest of the group up and perched himself at the very edge of the building - confident to stand with just the heels of his boots on the ledge. Horrific did not even touch the sight that met Arkin’s pale eyes. His heart fell as he took it all in. It was an obligation in his mind that he looked. That he saw and that he remembered.

To keep them safe. To keep humanity safe. That is why he joined the military. To protect those he cared about. For more than a decade, he had loyally and ably manned the cannons and hurled himself up and down the Walls in defence of humanity. Now here he was - and it was horrific. He squeezed his eyes shut and prayed to whoever was listening - if anyone was listening - that those dearest to his heart were well. Arkin wondered for a moment if that was selfish but decided it really did not matter.

"Save all you can," Arkin murmured to himself.

His blades were out - the one in his left held at a slightly unique angle due to his mangled pinky and ring finger. After his accident, Arkin had wondered if he could wield a blade again. The concern had been, for the most part, unfounded. His grip was odd - but he made it work well enough.

"I know Pixis, Gustav, and Anka were a few hours ahead of us," he offered the group, "I'm not sure where they are now."

Another scream caused Arkin's head to jerk in the direction it came from and he gritted his teeth. His instincts were screaming at him to jump and fight - but he knew that they had to form a plan. Hurling into the fray would only result in more needless death.

"But even yet I have so many miles to go."

Re: Team Six: Garrison Regiment [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2018, 10:27:53 AM »
It might have been an idyllic day high on the Wall; the sun was warm, even up here, its heat punctuated by the light breeze that ruffled through Ian’s dirty blond hair.  Only there was something oppressive in the sunshine - a promise to soon have the soldiers sweating through their shirts, and later gasping for flasks of water - and the summer wind carried with it cries of fear and pain.

The distant and indistinct wailing cut at Ian’s heart as he stalked along the very edge of the ramparts, his thighs aching from the long ride as he peered down into the chaos.  Utopia District was a slaughtering pen and, although the inner gate was open, with civilians pressing through in desperation, there were far too many souls who were less fortunate.

Some homes had been all but demolished, bowed beneath the weight of those Titans who had attempted to clamber over the obstacles.  Rubble lay thick on those streets, while smoke hung acrid on the air, its source both fading flares and the fires that burned unattended.  And there was blood, smudged and splattered.  From civilians or soldiers, it was impossible to tell.  Were they really using the Training Corps cadets - mere children - to defend the city?

A slaughtering pen.

Ian sighed through his nose and turned to look at his comrades, his gaze softening on the familiar faces of Mitabi, Rico, Silke, Arkin and Gladios.  In the rush north, in the hurry to answer the call for aid, squads had been separated, regrouping into hastily formed teams.  How lucky he was to have Silke, who had served as his squadmate for over a decade; how lucky he was to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with lifelong friends.  There wasn’t a single person here who he would not die for, there was not a single one who he did not trust completely.

Silke was the first to speak, to prompt the discussion the group so desperately needed to have.  They needed to think fast, to prioritise, and then move - the longer they hesitated, the more lives would be lost.  Ian sorely wished Dot was with them.  The Commander’s experience and expertise would see their strengths used to fullest potential.  Arkin’s contribution that their leader and his aides, Anka and Gustav, had arrived some hours before them gave Ian hope.

His grey eyes picked over the battlefield, coloured faintly with horror as he weighed and measured the needs of those contingents he could see.  As far as he could tell, they would all be glad of assistance.  ​“My suggestion is that we put ourselves between the Titans and the evacuation,” Ian began.  Though he was a squad leader back in Trost, he didn’t believe he possessed the stategising capability required for a situation as dire as this.  ​“We could begin near the inner gate, and sweep outwards, picking off the Titans we encounter.  We would need to be thorough - if even one slips through our formation, it could spell disaster for the evacuees.”  Ian unhooked the flare gun that hung at his hip with quiet purpose.  “A soldier - even a cadet - has a chance to fight, to defend themselves.  But the common people have only us to depend on.” 

Strong, slender fingers purposefully loaded a cartridge.  Green.  Mission commenced.  Except, in the chaos, their present mission was theirs to choose, and they still weren’t decided on what to do.  But at the very least, the high-flying streak of green would be seen as an announcement of their presence, assurance that help had arrived, and maybe - just maybe - it would give the battle-weary soldiers below some some small sliver of hope.

“Cover your ears,” Ian instructed, raising his hand high and squeezing the trigger.  With a loud sound, the canister was ejected, the summer breeze smudging its billowing emerald smoke as it soared high above the district.  The flare gun was quietly sheathed in favour of blades, Ian adjusting his grasp of the handles until they hung comfortably in his hands.  He turned to regard Arkin hopefully.  ​“Perhaps the Commander will see the signal.”

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