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Author Topic: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]  (Read 1767 times)

Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:01:38 AM »
Characters involved (this is not a posting order):

  • Eld Jinn - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 89% gas remaining
  • Erwin Smith [Squad Leader] - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 89% gas remaining
  • Hange Zoë - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining
  • Levi - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 94% gas remaining
  • Luke Cis - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 90% gas remaining
  • Moblit Berner- 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 90% gas remaining
  • Nanaba Hollins - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining

It has been some hours since the assault on Utopia began.  The day is at its hottest point, with the summer sun beating down on the most northerly settlement of humanity.  Blood congeals on dusty cobblestones as the death toll continues to rise with the temperature.  The outer gate still yawns open, allowing more and more Titans to enter the city, though the lead offensive team are quick to thin their numbers.  Meanwhile, the inner gate’s mechanism has been successfully repaired, allowing civilians to evacuate behind Wall Rose.

This Survey Corps contingent were summoned by the distress signals and flares that rippled out from Utopia.  It has been a long ride, with the soldiers frequently changing their tired horses for fresh mounts to ensure the swiftest possible journey north.  The details of what disaster awaits them comes from the rumours and witness testimony they pick up along the way, as well as from Erwin’s intel. 

With a tide of civilians pushing through the inner gate, the group use their ODM gear to mount the Wall.  From there, they can survey the destruction wrought upon the settlement.  Now the Commander must decide how best to support the existing units in the battlefield.  Ultimately, his choices - and the actions of his contingent - will have an effect on the event and its outcome.

As this is a site-wide plot, the NPC account may occasionally feature in the thread, acting as a checkpoint and controlling non-player characters.

If you have a character you would like to have join this team/event, please reach out to a member of staff! « Last Edit: June 04, 2018, 08:20:51 AM by Puffin »

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2018, 01:18:45 PM »
The sun beat down on the Survey Corps as they mounted Wall Rose. Erwin walked to the edge of the wall and crouched down, surveying the district. It was a massacre. The evacuation seemed to be proceeding as well as could be expected. There was no real sense of order to the evacuation, but at least it was something. Keeping civilian casualties to a minimum was one of the two primary objectives. The other being closing the front gate - which had a group of titans lingering by it. The gears in his head began turning, though he quickly snapped back to reality as one of his soldiers grabbed his attention.

"Sir, we're ready. Everyone is present and accounted for barring those members already in..." his voice trailed off as he looked to the district below. Erwin stood and placed his hand on the man's shoulder.

"Thank you,return to your squad," Erwin said as he turned to face the Survey Corps. He was not one to speechify, but this was not the time to simply start barking orders either.

"I'll skip the cliches," he began. "Things are indeed grim, and to many this is just like Shiganshina all over again. But this time is different, because we are ready to fight back." He surveyed his troops. "The ride was long and this battle will be longer still. But we will be victorious here! We have to be. The Wings of Freedom shall soar over this city and down upon our enemy, to protect all those who depend upon us!"

He paused again. "The plan is as follows. Five squads will be sent to assist in evacuating the civilians. The rest of the Survey Corps will attack from the east wall of the district in an effort to push the titans back towards the main gate. Your assignments will be given momentarily. Check you gear now and be ready to move in five minutes or less. Levi, Hange with me." He took a few steps away from the rest of the Survey Corps and gestured to Nanaba Hollins, Luke Cis, and Eld Jinn to follow. After they were clear of their comrades, he faced the group. "Your thoughts?" He asked.

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2018, 05:31:38 AM »
“It’s different than Shiganshina because there’s not a huge gaping hole in the wall,” Hange said immediately, squinting again to triple-check her vision. “The gate’s mechanism might have gotten stuck in the open position as people were passing through it, but without the Survey Corps here, there’s no reason to open it in the first place.” Hange paused, reluctant to conclude that thought out loud.

“Someone opened it.” Levi sounded grim, but so unperturbed by what he was saying that it unsettled Hange. “They could be dead, so worry later. What are those doing?” he jerked his head to indicate the titans loitering near Utopia’s open gate. “Shouldn’t they be off chasing people?”

“It could be that they just recently entered,” Hange said dubiously, wondering privately if their presence indicated that they were drawn to someone hidden in their vicinity. “But it’s almost like they’re guarding the gate…” she glanced over at Moblit, who was checking his gear as he listened. Belatedly, Hange began to check hers. As far as she knew, she had never encountered a titan intelligent enough to anticipate that people might want to close the gate, especially when there were so many easy civilian targets to devour. “We haven’t done much research on titans who occupy the north, so it could be that there are significant differences from southern titans.” Titans displayed impressive variability in terms of “personality” from individual to individual, and now it occurred to Hange that some titans may actively prefer the north or south rather than just wandering randomly.

“Wasn't Mike was stationed here with Petra?” Levi asked.

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2018, 01:55:10 PM »
Even in the face of disaster, there was a glimmer of hope.  Their contingent had raced north, mobilising at phenomenal speed given the distance they were forced to cover.  The greatest soldiers and military minds of the Survey Corps were here, poised, ready to push back against the Titan horde and defend what remained of Utopia.  What’s more, there had already been boots on the ground when catastrophe struck - including those belonging to Mike Zacharias, humanity’s second strongest, and Petra Ral. 


Anxiety gnawed at Eld as he shifted his weight, the leather straps of his ODM gear creaking faintly with the movement.  As impatient as he was to engage, to find his partner and comrade, he understood that this situation required strategy and careful consideration.  Perched high on the lofty ramparts of Wall Rose, they had an ideal vantage point over the destruction.

As the Commander spoke, Eld focused on him.  Erwin was one of those rare breeds whose presence alone seemed to instil courage in his men - and Captain Levi had a similar effect.  Unlike the latter, however, the former also had a way with words.  Eld steeled his jaw and squared his shoulders, allowing the Commander’s sentiments to echo in his heart.

To protect all those who depend upon us.

Orders were soon to follow and, hearing that, Eld prepared to obediently check his equipment - except there was no mistaking the gesture to follow.  Stepping forward to join his superiors, Eld tightened the straps that had loosened on the long journey north, and tested his gear’s mechanisms, all while listening closely.  At Hange’s observations, his dark gaze flitted to the outer gate.  It hung open, begging the question that Levi was quick to answer, speaking aloud the thought that haunted all their minds.

Someone opened it.

While the soldier from Karanes mightn’t excel in Titan behaviour, there was some information he could offer in confidence.  “The Training Corps are based here,” came Eld’s response, his voice steady and low.  He was glad of that, having half-expected his words to be tight with the emotion he felt.  Petra was in good company, Eld reminded himself, and she was perfectly capable.  He had to believe that she was all right.  “Mike and Petra were stationed with them.  There are some cadets whose hearts are set on the Survey Corps.”  If those recruits even lived through this day, they might very well change their minds about becoming scouts.

Signature by the wonderful SilverWings! <3

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2018, 03:11:34 PM »
Alongside others of the scouting regiment who had answered Utopia's call for help, stood Nanaba, her blue eyes set under knitted brows searching the city below.  The stench of death and smoke hung in the air, and the streets below were blood splattered and filled with crumbled stone. It was an all too familiar sight and one that she had hoped she would never see again. At least this time, they had arrived before the district was lost completely. Her searching gaze did not linger on the destruction, but rather for a familiar form.  She itched to join in the fight; to find her squad leader and dear friend, but Nanaba was not one to cave into impulse and lose herself to emotion. She worked hard to be seen as reliable and reliable she would be.

Nanaba believed in Mike. He was humanity's second strongest after all. 

The commander's voice brought Nanaba's attention away from the city below. Looking towards Erwin, she found renewed strength in his words; the picture before her eyes now more focused than it had been when she had first climbed up onto the wall.   The gesture that followed the verbal order for the others to prepare confused Nanaba, though she did not hesitate to answer the silent command with a small, sharp nod. Wiping a bead of sweat from her brow as she started forward to follow the small group.  Like Eld, Nanaba checked her equipment as others spoke. It was a well-rehearsed routine that Nanaba took extra care never to miss a step.

Her breath caught in her throat as Levi said the one thing, none of them could say out loud but was most certainly on their minds. Denying the urge to cast her gaze up and to the outer gate, Nanaba remained fixated on the hand controllers that she had been checking to make sure the triggers and controls were still working after such a long journey. 

Who would want to cause such destruction?

It was a frightening thought - to think a human being could be responsible for this. Placing the controllers back into the holsters. Nanaba brought her attention wholly to her comrades and superiors, her brows still tightly knit as she listened.

Nanaba's eyes flickered to Eld as he spoke. He too had a squadmate somewhere in the city fighting for humanity's survival. Alone Petra and Mike were great soldiers and together, they would be a quite a force, but Utopia was known to be the least prepared of the districts. No one had prepared for Utopia to be the next target. No one. 

Her mind briefly wondered to Axel, the dark haired boy who had put his life on the line for some lousy loaves of bread 3 years ago. In any other situation, the memory would have brought a smile to her lips, but it could do that now.  She hoped that fighting spirit still burned as strong as it did then.

" Set on the scouts or not, let's hope that they have enough fight in them to survive this day to make that decision," Nanaba commented more to herself than to the other.

"Knowing Mike and Petra, they would have headed straight to the gate." Pausing, her gaze once more found the outer gate. Nothing added up and it bothered her.  Over the years, she had come across many abnormals, but never has she seen behavior like. Turning back to the small group, she let out a breath of air. "It doesn't make sense. Even if the titans have recently entered, they still should be moving towards the inner gate where they would be drawn to the crowd. But obviously, they are not."


Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2018, 01:33:09 AM »
An excellent assessment all-round, he thought. Perhaps he had indeed created an ideal cadre of officers after all.

"Good," Erwin said. "I've no doubt about the abilities of anyone we have in the city either, but the situation will be complicate on the ground, so keep your wits about you at all times and stay focused on the task at hand." He turned his head to face Levi. "Levi, take five squads of your choice and move to the inner gate. I want you to support the evacuation efforts as best as possible." He searched their faces. "You're dismissed. I will see you all in a moment." He looked out over the city for a moment, wondering what the future would hold as he ran his hands over his blades. He had all six.

He turned and saw Eld nearby. "Jinn, a moment please," he said. "There is something I'd like to address with you after that battle is finished." Walking to the edge of the wall, Erwin drew his swords and his final orders for the start of their mission.

"You have your orders, now, men and women of the Survey Corps...ADVANCE!" The roar of many voices followed him as he leapt forward from the wall.

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #6 on: October 20, 2019, 08:00:28 PM »
Set on the scouts or not, let's hope that they have enough fight in them to survive this day to make that decision.

They could only hope. Eld's brown eyes were drawn to the outer gate, looming in the distance. Nanaba was right again, their comrades would surely have raced to the bottleneck, likely hoping to prevent further Titans from entering the settlement. Still, the Abnormals that lingered beneath the gate were chilling. This behaviour was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

The last orders were given by Commander Erwin, confident and steady, and then they were dismissed. Still, Eld did not relax, and he was glad he had remained standing square when - to his surprise - the Commander summoned him. With a nod, the soldier dutifully stepped closer, and was informed that there was a matter to be discussed once the battle was over.

"Yes, sir." For a moment, his curiosity was piqued, and he wondered what the Commander could wish to address. Swiftly, those uncertain thoughts were swept away. His focus had to be entirely on the task at hand.

Stepping to the edge of the Wall, with Utopia smouldering below, Eld's gaze picked over the settlement beneath them - trying to memorise the locations of the numerous Titans that lumbered through the streets - his mind full of thoughts of the civilians who depended on them, and his teammates. Familiar in that they were known to him, unfamiliar in that they had never before been assigned to the same squad. Glancing sideways, he met Nanaba's eye, and gave her a small, grim nod of encouragement.


With that single word, Eld stepped off the edge, air rushing around his ears as the scouts began their descent into the battlefield. Sighting a tall clocktower, he fired his hooks, finding purchase, and used a touch of gas to propel himself in a wide arc. Over the rooftops, he spotted the top of a Titan's head as it travelled along the next street. His first target, but before he closed in on it, he checked the positions of the scouts closest to him. It was best to make this a team effort.

Signature by the wonderful SilverWings! <3

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #7 on: December 19, 2019, 05:08:23 PM »
 There on the edge of the wall, Nanaba stood, her light eyes looking to the ruin that was beneath her feet, jaw clenched. In times like this, it was hard to keep a straight face, but allowing her emotions to leak out meant that she was no longer in control. If she wished to save the lives of those still fighting to survive down there, so could not allow herself to lose control. Taking a deep breath, she studied herself and waited for the commander's orders. Feeling the presence of a comrade close by, she looked up for a brief moment. Eld, while they had never served on a team together, was known to be a reliable teammate, and for that, Nanaba was happy to be fighting by his side. Giving the scout a nod, she turned her focus back to the city below, her hands itching to grab hold of the handgrips.


She took the faithful leap off the wall and into the chaos below, a determined look fixed onto her features, and her heartbeat steady from the years of facing monsters such as these.  Steady and in control, that is how she would get out of this alive; it was how she would help ger teammates get out of this alive. It was only moments before the first target came into sight, blades ready, Nanaba looked over to Eld, and nodded in the direction she intended to go.  Firing her hook, she parted from Eld planning to go low, and immobilize the titan by slicing its heels, so that Eld could focus on the nape.  Nanaba was quick and well suited for the task.   Her heart beat faster as she quickly approached the titan from behind, her blades pulled back and ready to strike. Steady and control, a voice in her head reminded her, as her blades sliced into the titan's flesh. Aiming her hook to a location that would allow her to get out of the titan's reach, she glanced back to see if she had managed to cripple the monster.


Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #8 on: January 08, 2020, 02:21:16 AM »
As the bulk of the Survey Corps surged forth from the wall and sliced through the first few titans, Erwin took the roof of the nearest building with a handful of others, his goal being to make sure everyone got off the wall and into Utopia. The sooner they could press their advantage, the better.

Losses could be...expected. But coordinated attacks and quick, precise strikes we keep things at a minimum.

As the Wings of Freedom soared so did the hopes of humanity.

Re: Team Seven: Survey Corps [Assault on Utopia]
« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2020, 11:35:49 AM »
Nanaba was closest, her blue eyes sparking with a familiar, grim intensity.  Such focus was often seen in the gazes of scouts, particularly in the heat of battle, and Eld supposed his brown shades smouldered in the same way.  She offered a nod, silently communicating her intentions, and was answered with one in kind.  Eld watched as the blonde fired her hooks, darting low with movements swift and sure, her obvious proficiency and skill marking her amongst the Survey Corps’ elite.  At the same time, he ascended a little higher, enough to materialise on the periphery of the Titan’s vision and snag its attention. 

Wide, soulless eyes flicked in their sockets, landing on the scout just as Nanaba’s keen blades kissed the backs of its heels, bringing the behemoth down.  Soaring through the air, Eld did not feel the ground shudder, his attention trained on the monster in its moment of weakness.  He immediately launched his own grapple hooks, anchors penetrating the flesh between its shoulder blades.  The reels of his ODM gear hummed eagerly as he approached at speed, dispatching the Titan in one fluid motion.  His boots barely touched the ground before he took off again, knowing that to linger too low for too long was a death wish.

At the end of the narrow and characterful street, another Titan lumbered into view.  It was bony and malformed, with arms short and disproportionate to the rest of its body.  “I’ll distract!”  Eld called to his capable teammate, shouting to be heard over the rush of wind that roared past and rippled through the loose strands of his golden hair.  Seizing the opportunity, he aimed his anchors just above the monster’s clavicle, and accelerated hard.  He deftly avoided its stubby limbs, propulsion carrying him right past and over its shoulder.  The Titan instinctively turned to follow its quarry, jaw working in frantic excitement - or maybe it was agitation - leaving Eld to hope that this offered Nanaba an opportunity to strike for the nape.

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