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Author Topic: [EVENT] Team Twelve: Mixed Division [Bottleneck]  (Read 221 times)

Team Twelve: Mixed Division [Bottleneck]
« on: December 30, 2019, 08:04:17 PM »
Characters involved (this is not a posting order):

  • Aderyn Rossi - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining
  • Beatrix Drexler - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 96% gas remaining
  • Gabriel Durand - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 90% gas remaining
  • Mercy Watanabe - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 91% gas remaining
  • Miriam Gracey - 4/4 pairs of blades remaining; 92% gas remaining

It has been some hours since the assault on Utopia began.  The day is at its hottest point, with the summer sun beating down on the most northerly settlement of humanity.  Blood congeals on dusty cobblestones as the death toll continues to rise with the temperature.  The outer gate still yawns open, allowing more and more Titans to enter the city, though the disintegrating lead offensive team are working to thin their numbers.  Meanwhile, the inner gate’s mechanism has been successfully repaired, allowing civilians to evacuate behind Wall Rose.

This makeshift team combines soldiers from both the Garrison and the Military Police, and involves a mixture of those who are normally stationed in Utopia and those who have travelled north as a result of the distress signals and flares. An opportunity is what brings them together.

Not far from the Military Police barracks, a natural bottleneck has formed. A tall clocktower has collapsed, rubble spilling thick and tall across the street. While some Titans climb determinedly over the heap, the majority lumber through the narrow, clear pathway that remains. This choke point means that these soldiers have a rare chance to eliminate their foe as they meander through the gap. Yet, as the press of Titans grows thicker, the bottleneck will become an increasingly dangerous place to be - and there's no telling how effectively this team will be able to work together.

As this is a site-wide plot, the NPC account may occasionally feature in the thread, acting as a checkpoint and controlling non-player characters.

In order to keep the storylines moving forward, the posting orders do not need to be maintained, and participants are instead invited to post whenever time and muse permits.

Re: Team Twelve: Mixed Division [Bottleneck]
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2020, 01:40:05 AM »
“Fuck, it’s so fucking bright!

It was not a good day. The harsh summer sun was beating down, the smell of blood and dead bodies filled the air, along with smoke from fire and flares. Mercy stood at the top of rooftops, staring across at the apparent bottleneck that had formed before them. Her lips curled into a disgusted stare, but her hand was at her head, attempting to shield the sunlight from blinding her dark crimson eyes.

No, today was not a good day. A district was overrun by titans, they had been pulled from their normal regiments. It was a shit show. And top of it all, she had one hell of a fucking headache. She groaned looking over to the rest of the motley crew, at least some MPs were there, which meant she could at least count on a few of them to pull their own weight. The Garrison? From long ago, she had her peeves about the second-rate soldiers who patrolled the walls.

Of course, she hadn’t expected to be there. In fact, it all been because of last night when she had been at the bar, spending a good amount of time proving to the boys that she really could drink them out. Though, for duty the next day, she had practically predicated some basic patrols she could fuck off with.

But then, they had woken up to this hell of a disaster.

Mercy looked to her crew, the look of annoyance mixed with disgust was her signature expression. If any looked at her the wrong way in return, her slowly seething anger just emanated around her like an aura. “I’m already done with this shitty day alright? I’ve already got a headache fit for one of the goddamn monsters over there.”

She cracked her neck, rolling her shoulders back into a ready stance. Her finger curled at the triggers, gripping at a fresh set of blades. Mercy clicked her tongue, a resounding tch echoed in the air. “I dunno what the rest of you plan on doing, but I’m gonna kill some shitty Titans. And then, I’m going back to fucking bed.”

Re: Team Twelve: Mixed Division [Bottleneck]
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2020, 07:44:21 PM »
Chaos - that was definitely a fitting way to describe the current state of Utopia. Utter, all-consuming and absolutely perfect chaos. Stumbling titans, panicked civilians, blood stained streets - it was a mess, and the mischivous gleam that had taken over the expression in Gabriel’s crimson eyes was entirely unfit for someone who was supposed to be helping the situation for the good of humanity. Being called up north from Mitras, where he was usually stationed, happened often enough, although usually it was work in his own division within the Military Police; not in order to form a makeshift team for a cause that seemed lost already. The city was done for, it was only a matter of time until everyone would realize as much and give up. If anyone was still alive at that point, that was. He himself did most certainly not plan to give his life today.

“Ah, Mercy. Always so happy to be around you and your endearing tongue. Such sweet words, my dear.” He shot a quick grin in Mercy’s direction; knowing full well that she was used to his teasing by now. Mercy got him - or, well. If she didn’t get him and his nature, she at least usually tolerated him well enough. Gabe let her do as she pleased within their squad, and she seemed to appreciate as much.

The rest of their little impromptu squad were apparently members of the Garrison - Aderyn, which he knew from way back even before they both joined the military and two more female soldiers he had never seen before. Their task was simple enough: eliminate as many titans as possible and make the city just a little bit safer. Not that it really mattered anymore. The bottleneck that had formed due to a collapsed tower was a lucky occurance, and while they should try to make good use of it; Gabe could not stop but notice that their situation had the potential for disaster. If more and more titans started piling up, they might just overtake the scene - and what good could a makeshift squad of five soldietd really do against a whole horde of titans?

“Man, they’re ugly little fellas, aren’t they? Sure makes me happy I’m not one of them...” he mused, reaching to draw his blades. It had been a while since he last used the 3DM gear, as the Military Police didn’t usually engage in anything that required it, but he hadn’t graduated third of his class for nothing. Or so he hoped, at least. “Don’t get eaten, my dear squad members. It’s not often that I’m in the company of four such beautiful ladies. Let’s not end that pleasure all too soon, shall we?” With a wink into Aderyn’s direction he unleashed the hooks of his gear and flew off, up onto the rubble of the collapsed bell tower, facing one of the incoming titans. A rather slow one, luckily. “Look at you and your ugly face. You’re really not very pleasant to look at...” He taped his blade to the ground gently, then glanced around. Time to get to work!


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