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Author Topic: Hardly the king's guard. [Marco]  (Read 151 times)

Hardly the king's guard. [Marco]
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:45:33 PM »
[ april 847 ]

If not for the enlistment of his brother in the 104th Cadet Corps, Quirin would never have signed up to mentor any cadet. He hadn't hoped to be assigned Elias - in fact, he made sure he wasn't, simply to give him a taste of loneliness and struggle without him - and was quite relieved to receive some entirely unfamiliar brat. The file had been meticulously scanned, the information given by the Training Corps hardly very helpful. It had to be fetched in advance, of course. He was hardly going to go into anything without knowing his victim.

Strolling to the meeting point, Quirin brushed back his hair. The perfect picture of any Military Police officer - namely, one who took the job seriously. That was what would be expected of him, and it would surely keep the cadet in good, quiet spirit. The ambitious sort were always eager never to step out of place.

No doubt he'd be quite able to push the kid off on some other officer.

"Bott, Marco," called out the instructor in place, the very same who had arranged the swapping of papers with Officer Drexler. Searching for the boy, his eyes laid on a freckled teenager who looked as innocent and disgustingly Rosean as any. Clearly his charge for the next fortnight.

Raising his chin, Quirin gazed at him thoughtfully a moment. "Cadet," he greeted. "Come - we'll stop by the Utopia barracks first." He turned on his heel, walking purposefully up the street.

Re: Hardly the king's guard. [Marco]
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2020, 02:08:38 AM »
Although nervousness bloomed in the pit of Marco’s stomach, the fluttering emotion was matched by resolve and excitement both.  This would be his first taste of the Military Police, a tangible step towards fulfilling his ambition of serving the King.  It felt like only yesterday that he first pulled on his Training Corps jacket, adorned with its emblem of crossed swords.  Yet, simultaneously, conflictingly, it felt like a lifetime ago that he had lived as a civilian in Jinae.

Undeniably, he and the other cadets had come a long way.  They had honed their skills, studied hard (or at least Marco had) and now they were in the final stages of their training.  The freckled boy tried not to think too long about the fact he would soon need to say goodbye to many of his friends.  Waiting in line, the number of familiar faces was slowly whittled away as mentors collected their charges.  Marco stood tall and straight, alert, present, ever eager to please. 

When at last his name was called, he stepped forward and offered a salute, keen for a positive first impression and to make his commitment clear; he truly was ready to dedicate his heart, his life, to humanity.  Discerning blue eyes gave little away as they surveyed, and Marco could only wonder what thoughts or observations were running through the officer’s mind.  Although the cadet didn’t allow his own gaze to drift, he could see that his mentor was beautifully presented, uniform immaculate and cut neatly to his frame, and that he possessed a face fairer than most.  This soldier could easily appear on a poster for Military Police recruitment, like the very one that was pinned to Marco’s bedroom wall back in Jinae.  Its ink was beginning to fade after long years, a symbol of boyhood dreams as it was.  Dreams that the freckled boy, now on the very cusp of manhood, being only weeks away from his eighteenth birthday, was exceedingly close to breathing into reality.

“Sir,” Marco answered, in greeting and agreement both.  Obediently he fell in behind, walking briskly in his superior’s wake as they strode along the street.  A storm of questions buzzed in his mind - How long had the officer served with the Military Police?  Had he always wanted to be a soldier?  What tasks would the next fortnight bring?  Did he have any advice for a cadet? - but Marco knew better than to ask them at this early stage.  Better to hold his tongue, and wait to be spoken to, or to see what the Utopia barracks would bring. « Last Edit: January 12, 2020, 02:10:54 AM by Marco Bott »


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