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Author Topic: New Protection  (Read 882 times)

New Protection
« on: February 28, 2019, 05:07:48 AM »
Memories flashed before her eyes while she remained in somewhat of a contained slumber, sweat begun to build up upon her face once she began to view the perspective of another human beings memories, this confused her greatly as she never knew that she could retained such vivid imagery. Serenity's vision became blurry once she had awaken in her sleeping chambers  in Mistra, placing her right palm upon her head she rubbed her black hair baffled at what she had dreamed, she decided to ignore it for now as today she had to tend to her duties of heading to Stohess District to discover her bodyguard and escort in that specific district. The young royal sighed for a moment while regaining her will to leave her bed, as she got freshened up and dressed  herself for the day she would be attired in a long white silk dress with blue stripped ruffles on the ends of the sleeves and the end of the dress.

Serenity took her journal with her as she always carried it around, it had a lock on it along with a key where she keeps it safe in a certain area on her body that is usually concealed for the most part. She wore blue heels with black  stockings to hide any sort of skin from being exposed let alone with the dress itself. As Serenity had exited the door and roamed the palace, she informed the guards at the entrance that she will be gone for a bit and to tell her father that she would be coming back home later in the day. She of course needed protection since she was the daughter of royalty, no one knew of her true royal lineage other than the royals among Mistra, she would be led by a soldier who took her to the Stohess District at the precise coordinates of where they were suppose to meet.

Quirin would already have received a letter from the government  a day prior in which it would state how he had been tasked to be the bodyguard of Serenity Kinslea for the time being she stays in Stohess. Once she had gotten off the carriage they rode in while travelling she would arrive at a calm neighborhood, with children running throughout the streets playing their imaginative games. It made the young maiden smile, the bodyguard who accompanied her stayed by her side until Quirin would arrive, as for the letter entirely it says.

"Dear Quirin Drexler, you have been chosen to the guard among royalty tomorrow, act accordingly and represent the Military Police proud, her name is Serenity Kinslea, she is the daughter of Augustus Kinslea and is here to support the children and families throughout the area. You must protect her with your life, please do arrive at these specific coordinates provided, the time is placed as well, keep her safe. Sincerely~ Kinslea Family"


Re: New Protection
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2019, 03:20:46 AM »
No stranger to the concept of 'babysitting' a client, Quirin had worked as a bodyguard for some time for various nobles and important citizens throughout Wall Sina. It was one of his preferred jobs, and often gave him the opportunity to study his mark. On the odd occasions trouble was made, he dealt with it swiftly and efficiently, as befitting for his skill.

He was least fond of being around children, but he masked it well. Especially for the more important clients.

The Kinslea family was, of course, known to him, though he neglected to bring that up around others. When preparing that morning, adjusting his jacket, he had said only one thing on the matter to his squadmate: "Everybody is the same, until they aren't." Alwin Weber had given him the sort of look only one fed up with a squadmate could give; a cautious stare before rolling his eyes.

Arriving at the meeting point, the Military Police soldier sniffed, drinking in the scents around him. A quick breakfast wouldn't have gone amiss, but he had cut close to being on-time. Something he desperately avoided - either he was early, or he simply didn't show up. His brief detour to check in on some slacking Garrison squadron had taken too much of his precious time, something he would certainly have to deal with later.

The white-blond soldier stood firm at the meeting point. On locking eyes with his charge, he gave a swift movement, fluidly transforming into a short, small salute. Hardly the full declaration of stabbing himself through the heart - pointless bravado, time-consuming, and too visible. "Ms. Kinslea," he greeted her, once the two were within speaking distance. Yet still he kept his voice low, both keen to keep it between themselves and not to attract undue attention.

Quirin bowed his head to the accompanying bodyguard. "I have it from here." His track record was exceptional, after all. His attention swapped dutifully to the girl. "Where first, miss?"

Re: New Protection
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2019, 04:07:48 AM »
Serenity didn't know much about Quirin though her father trusted him enough for him to be her bodyguard, she never questioned her father’s choices so she simply gave a comforting smile upon his arrival, her initial thought was that he seemed to be quite formal in his tone, she knew how the subjects of the walls had to treat royalty but she felt that it was unnecessary at times. Once Quirin had spoken to the other bodyguard who road with her to defend her against hostilities, he nodded briefly while awaiting on the carriage where the stocked goods and materials for families in need were in.

Serenity bowed as well while giggling a bit as she seemed to always find acting so overly formal with others outside of the royal families was comical,” I thank you for meeting up with  me, if you would be so kind in helping me take some boxes to a few orphanages and free food programs we’ve started as well, that would be most pleasant.” she walked over to the carriage and grabbed a wooden box filled with food and supplies, in total were about a few dozen as there was a wagon attached that stored most of the boxes.

The young maiden never liked to allow others to do things for her unless it was truly in her best interest, she wasn’t going to let Quirin take the boxes by himself so she grabbed another wooden box and held them in her arms, she faced Quirin,”Hey, can you grab two boxes, we will be heading down the road so I figured why not walk instead, it’s such a beautiful day outside..” she said calmly.The streets were bustling with citizens who took notice of the Kinslea family member, rumours of her not even being real Kinslea blood surfaced though she disregarded such irrelevance.

Serenity would then begin walking onward by herself along the path, if Quirin catches up with her she would attempt to create small talk,” Military Police huh, how do you like your job as a soldier among the walls? My father must of known of your expertise, I took you for the contemplative silent type” she admitted though she hoped she wasn’t being rude at all.

Re: New Protection
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2019, 04:39:00 AM »
Quirin offered a courteous smile to the girl, though it hardly met his eyes. "Of course," he replied. The idea of giving to the needy, of providing for the weak, disgusted him, though he kept such opinions to himself. It could be worse, after all, and keeping a positive reputation was important to plenty. Even he, though he would never turn to such methods.

He followed her to the wagon, watching her steps while keeping his attention spread to his peripheral vision. It was not unknown for anybody to take whatever chance they could to get back at any nobles or royals. That was, after all, what he was there to avoid and take care of.

Taking two of the boxes in his arms, Quirin made no complaint as he trailed after the girl. Silence was too much to ask, he realised, as she began to speak, and he had to hold himself back from rolling his eyes. "I am the contemplative silent type," he answered with a slight hint of humour. "The job is fine enough - it has its benefits, though it's quite dull in truth. Have you ever tried listening to a bunch of minted merchants prattle on about trade routes and merchandise?"

That, and the horrid oppression of being trapped within the Walls, were the worst parts of the job. But he had more freedom than most; granted, he had no liking for visiting the outer Walls.

"Why do you do this?" he suddenly asked, gesturing with a nod to the boxes they carried. "Helping others in such a way. Is it a genuine want to help, or do you do it for appearances' sake?" Quirin kept the volume of his words low, so only she could hear.

Re: New Protection
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2019, 08:11:44 PM »
Once Quirin had caught up to her she slightly smiled while facing her head forward still having a firm grip underneath the boxes, as he confirmed her internal analysis she would chuckle softly, hearing about his days of overhearing about products and trade,"I guess everyone is just trying to make ends meet then, since their discussions are primarily based upon selling their own products I see." she stated, however suddenly Quirin asked her a question that resonated with her very much so, the overall reason as to why she helps anyone she cans.

Serenity kept walking at moderate pace,"Believe it or not I can relate to being without a home, to being hungry and rejected by those you presumed to be your family. I do this because I too faced these issues, I would never want anyone suffering the way I did as a child, so I do whatever I can to ensure this generation and every other generation in the future prospers forward. It's a hard life out there Sir Quirin, as a Kinslea I try to make it a little better everyday, so if it takes me giving what the people need to do that, i'll do it, whatever it takes to ensure humanity prevails." she stated proudly she walked.

Re: New Protection
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2019, 05:47:47 PM »
To ensure humanity prevails. He had plenty to scoff about with that, but he kept his sharp tongue in his mouth. Instead, he behaved more diplomatically. "That's an admirable cause. I'm sure people must appreciate that." Though it wasn't a question, his voice carried a quzzical  tone. Plenty of people were too proud, no matter how little they had, considering it more of an insult to be helped than anything else.

He checked his grip on the boxes, careful to adjust cautiously so as not to drop them at all. There didn't appear to be any immediate risks around. "Run me through the procedure here. What precisely do you want me to do with these once we reach our destination?" he checked.


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