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Author Topic: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]  (Read 3194 times)

The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« on: June 05, 2018, 12:24:48 AM »
Early Summer, 833

While he certainly hated inventory duty, it beat being out in the bright sunlight. Erwin got caught at inspection hungover...and the current commander of the Survey Corps certainly was not having it. Although it was his own fault, he failed to clean all of the vomit off his boots. Had he been able to, he would have escaped suspicion.

As punishment, he got the second noisiest assignment in the entirety of their headquarters. And every last man and woman he was put in charge of was doing their best to torment him for it. From backslapping to shouting at him from a few feet away to scraping blades against one another while they were being counted...another round of vomiting would have been preferable.

Did he have an excuse? No. He was drinking off thoughts about Marie again. Why he was stuck on her nobody knew, and he did not either. The human mind could be such a devious thing sometimes. Erwin warily turned back to the desk he was sitting at and the massive tome of supplies he had to go through. As he turned the page, he was greeted with what felt like an apocalyptic slam behind him as a woman dropped a crate on the floor behind him. He groaned as he buried his face in his hands.

"Hey Erwin, how ya feelin?" she asked with a snort. "You keep lettin' that old flame of yours get you this down you may want to build your own still!" She picked the crate up with a scrape as Erwin rubbed his eyes. Today was going to be a living hell. And, well, she had a point. His salvation came quickly - and loudly - from his commander.

SMITH! GET OUT HERE, NOW! Erwin looked to see the man standing in the doorway. Erwin approached and saluted him. "Sir," he said. The commander then handed down the next part of his sentence for the day. Looking him dead in the eye, the commander spoke with a smug tone. "You will be needed to escort our new recruits around the headquarters. We have 57 this year. Some look pretty rowdy. Delegate someone to take charge here." He gave a sharp nod in response, and the commander grudgingly accepted it.

Erwin walked back to the desk relived and delegated his task, and he walked out, the usual behavior began.

"Hey guys," one of the soldier said, "The fresh meat is here!"

"Just what we need, more titan bait," another said with an eye roll.

"Hey, Erwin, let us ladies know if you see an good looking guys huh?" The soldier asked him from earlier.

The last one by the door way said, "And don't forget to check out the girls!" The youngest hollered.

Erwin walked into the courtyard to see the new recruits. Damn he thought, They slashed the enlistment age again? He was nineteen, almost twenty when he joined the Survey Corps. These kids couldn't be more than sixteen. Their training was longer at least, so perhaps that counted for something.

He cleared his throat. "Good afternoon, I'm Erwin Smith, welcome to the Survey Corps."

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Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2018, 08:58:32 PM »
The flutter in her chest was all excitement, Laria convinced herself.  Not nervousness.  Not when she had chosen to be here.  On the night of graduation, when the vast majority of her classmates and comrades turned away, leaving to seek their fortune with the Garrison - save for that precious handful, ear-marked for the Military Police - Laria had stood fast against the tide.  She hadn’t even turned to watch them go.

This was precisely where she wanted to be.  With the Survey Corps.  Blue-white wings emblazoned on green; a symbol of freedom, a pass to the outside world.  Soon enough their freshly-pressed uniforms would be delivered, and she and the others would be able to wear that emblem with pride.

As they lingered in the courtyard, Laria adjusted the position of her glasses and cast her eyes about, regarding the fully-fledged soldiers with unbridled curiosity.  Something had beckoned them all into the most dangerous of factions, something that likely took a different form for each of them.  Perhaps it was adventure, the call of the unknown, or maybe it was a desire to fight, to defend humanity, to do something.  That thought had Laria wonder what, exactly, had called Nanaba into the scouts.  Now Laria glanced about in the hope she might see that familiar crop of short blonde hair.

Her gaze did alight on a blond, but it certainly wasn’t Nanaba.  Tall, fair-haired, broad in the shoulder - a poster child for the Survey Corps if ever there was one, even if he did look somewhat drawn.  Laria nudged the closest of her fellow recruits with her elbow, pulling their attention to the approaching soldier. 

Erwin Smith

At his greeting, Laria stood straighter - though it did little to make her seem taller - and responded with a sharp salute, one small fist over her heart, the other pressed to the small of her back.  She was still surveying him, their superior, and likely the guide who would introduce them to their new barracks.  Her dark eyes, framed by her glasses, trailed downwards, snagging only when they landed his boots.  Was that… vomit?  The ghost of a smirk pulled on the recruit’s lips, relieved to know that however cool and capable Erwin might seem at first impression, he was most definitely only human.

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2018, 12:34:24 PM »
Erwin was still getting used to the idea of being saluted. While he certainly had ambitions of moving up the ranks of the Survey Corps, being saluted by forty cadets was something entirely new to him. He rarely was saluted by anyone in the Survey Corps, and was next in line to become a squad leader. The shortest of the cadets had an odd smirk on her face and it was clear to Erwin that his boots had not gone unnoticed. It was not as if he would have had time to clean them – the commander was going out of his way to make an example out of him.

At least that’s what it felt like.

He took a deep breath in through his nose. "As you can probably judge by my appearance, the titan killers are as human – and unique – as every one of you," he began. "However, I’m sure that the commander has delivered his full arsenal of speeches upon your ears today already, so let’s begin." He skipped actually asking them to follow him and simply turned towards the barracks and beckoned for the group to follow. If they made it through training, there was no need for him to herd them like cattle.

“This, as you can already tell, this is the main courtyard. You will be expected to assemble here for the daily roll call immediately after breakfast. However, calisthenics and similar training will not be done on a unit wide level; squad leaders are responsible for their own training regimens.” Though he assumed that the cadets would follow him, he did look over his shoulder to double check. The last thing he needed was someone wandering off. Surprisingly enough, the red-haired cadet that caught his boots earlier was still there – and leading the line. Turning back, he let a small smile crease his lips as they entered the main building, but it disappeared as the doors opened and he turned to face them yet again. The cadets all barely fit in the corridor. “Now,” he said, “Behind us, on the far side of the courtyard are the stables, which are arrayed around the courtyard.” He paused. He gestured to his left then said, “Down this corridor are the kitchens, armory, and above that, the mess hall. To my right are the officers’ quarters. I would advise against wandering down there.” He surveyed his audience, “Questions so far?”
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Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2018, 08:39:02 AM »
Words were powerful, with the potential to be inspiring; they could cut as keenly as any blade, steel a soldier’s spine ahead of combat, offer comfort and adoration without physical presence, or wield false promise and dress ugly truths in pretty layers of prose.  Thank the Walls this soldier had the sense not to ramble on unduly.  Between graduation night and their induction, the newest members of the Survey Corps had already enjoyed their fill of long-winded speeches.

It was also possible that Erwin was nursing a sore head that complemented those sullied boots of his.

The shift of his body alerted Laria to the fact he was about to move off and she stepped forward then, not waiting for the signal.  It put her ahead of the pack, the group’s military-issue boots striking against cobblestones as they followed their superior’s wake.  In the courtyard, her gaze roved thoughtfully over the buildings, before finally settling on their guide.  So this is where they would gather every day.  More interesting to Laria were the scents of hay, livestock and leather, which combined to tell her the stables weren’t far from here.

It was cooler in the main building, broad and wiry bodies alike pressed together into the narrow space.  Laria frowned faintly, carefully nudging the soldier at her side with her elbow and widening her stance a fraction, buying herself more room.  Diminutive though she was, she didn’t readily tolerate encroachment on her personal space.  Despite the brief moment of distraction, every piece of information Erwin offered was swiftly committed to memory.

I would advise against wandering down there.

Not unless they were looking for trouble, no doubt.  Although it wasn’t necessarily posed as a jest, Laria found humour in it all the same, and her smirk was back.  Now that they had an opportunity to ask questions, she didn’t hesitate, immediately raising her hand, holding it aloft above her.  Secretly she was glad to be near the front, where she was easily seen.  Military training had granted her the discipline to hold her tongue, waiting to catch her superior’s piercing blue eyes before speaking.  The training regimens Erwin had mentioned earlier was what had put it in her mind.

“I have a question,” Laria began, managing to sound at least somewhat dispassionate, even as an unusual blend of eagerness, excitement and trepidation gnawed at her.  “When’ll we be assigned to our squads?”

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2018, 02:48:29 AM »
“I have a question. When’ll we be assigned to our squads?”

Erwin paused for a moment. The commander was not in a talking mood, so he had not bothered to ask him. Fresh recruits were typically assigned to their own squads with a senior officer, though there had been just as many times where they were either broken off into their own squads or mixed in with existing ones. The latter two options were the least popular as they tended to cause the most disruption - either by getting people killed or disrupting the sometimes delicate nature of squad relationships - and were frowned upon. Regardless of how, it really depended on the commander's personal schedule or desire to delegate the task. For all he knew Shadis may wind up doing it again. All of that was neither here nor there. After all, cadet's question was when not how.

"Squad assignments are typically given out within the first two weeks of arrival," Erwin said plainly. "I've never seen it take longer personally, but on rare occasions, it can happen. Erwin turned and beckoned him to follow him down the corridor to his left, past the several storerooms for the kitchen then up a flight of stairs at the end to the second floor, where the majority of the quarters were for the members of the Survey Corps. Along the way, they did pass a few soldiers going about their daily tasks. At least I'm not peeling potatoes, Erwin thought. He caught a few glances and some whispers from them as he led the group through. He was not the only one who picked up on how young the recruits were.

The corridor they arrived in was itself rather bland. On one side, there were simply a series of windows overlooking the massive center courtyard, on the other four doors at placed almost equidistant to one another going down to the intersection of the hallways. Erwin stopped by the first one, and knocked. When he was sure it was empty, he opened it, revealing ten sets of bunks, each with a pair of footlockers. There were several more rooms like this on the same floor, and again on the floor above. As expected, their uniforms had yet to arrive, but they could at least settle in. Well okay, some of them.

Erwin took a deep breath, "As you can see, our sleeping arrangements are not exactly private for the majority of the survey corps, however, for now you will be separated out by gender like you training barracks." He walked to the end of the room as he spoke. "With seniority will come privilege, of that I can assure you all, however, we do not live in the same standards of luxury as the military police, despite being quartered in the same city." He quickly realized how crowded the room was getting. "The gentlemen will stay here, he said. "The ladies will follow me to the next room." As he left the male recruits to settle in, he noticed that he had twenty-one remaining people to find beds for.  Of course, he realized this after they filtered into the room – and left the red headed recruit standing in the hall. He could not just send her back to the other room, but at the same time he did not have the authority to simply force her to sleep on the floor either.  Well, I can’t get in any more trouble today.

Make yourselves at home, he hollered, "I will be back to collect you in half an hour." He looked to the short cadet. "Come with me," he said. And he walked to the next room, and knocked again. This time the door opened, and a brunette Survey Corps member stuck her head out the door, with a broom stick in hand. She emerged fully once she saw it was Erwin. He rather quickly explained his situation to her.

I don't see why we couldn't help, we have an open bed. Just let me have Ava move her stuff off it. Besides, if this is the red head that Nanaba's always raving about, I don't see how we could say no!

Erwin gestured to the door. "I'll be back to collect you and the others shortly,". Now he had to go and make sure her uniform got delivered to the right room and that there would be no issues with it.
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Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #5 on: March 09, 2019, 11:39:50 PM »
In her excitement, two weeks for squad assignment seemed almost an eternity to Laria. Yet there would be plenty to occupy her in the meantime, as she wiled away the hours and days until she was allocated to a team. There was a new routine to fall into - the daily rhythm of the Survey Corps surely different to that which the new recruits were accustomed - and there were plenty of fully-fledged scouts to get acquainted with. After a brief pause, Laria nodded, indicating to their guide that she was satisfied with his answer.

Then they were following Erwin again, past several larders and then up a flight of stairs. The herd of recruits drew glances and whispers from passing soldiers. Laria quietly and mistakenly assumed the attention was due to their being new, the intake's collective youth not occurring to her. After all, she had trained hard, and had made the life-altering decision to dedicate herself to the Survey Corps. Such a weighty choice made her feel older and more capable than her mere sixteen years. There was a sense of childlike certainty too, that the past three years were somehow enough to prepare her for what lay beyond the Walls. That fateful first expedition which all newly-minted scouts experienced was weeks away, and it would roughen edges Laria didn't even realise she had. Later still, when wearing the badge of another regiment - and when rough edges far outnumbered the smooth - she would reflect on her life and understand that she had been little more than an optimistic, headstrong girl when she first donned her wings.

But for now, Laria's dark eyes were wide and hungry. The scuffle of boots had halted at the dormitories, each room holding ten bunks apiece. The lack of privacy signified their lowly place in the pecking order; this might be the bottom of the military ladder, but her foot rested on the first rung and she was ready to climb. Laria felt a fierce swell of pride as Erwin spoke on. However humble the lodgings, particularly when compared to the Military Police - those soft-handed try-hards - there was no other place she would rather be.

The room was quickly starting to feel warmer as it filled with eager bodies, the recruits claiming every available space. As they began to settle in and claim bunks - under Erwin's instruction - it became clear that they were one bed short. As soon as she realised this fact, Laria drifted over to their guide, peering at Erwin expectantly, a faint smirk playing on her lips. She was his problem now. Which was probably the last thing he wanted, if his vomit-splattered boots were anything to go by.

Come with me.

With a nod, she obediently followed. Arriving at a door indistinguishable from the others in the corridor, Erwin knocked and a brief moment later a brunette scout appeared. She listened closely as the situation was explained and then made a suggestion that made Laria's heart bloom with excitement. To room-share with experienced scouts was beyond what she could have hoped for! On par with that revelation was the knowledge that Nanaba had spoken highly of her. Laria beamed inwardly and made a mental note to seek out her friend as soon as she had a chance. She would finally have a uniform to match Nanaba's own - once the garments were delivered and distributed, at least.

It seemed Erwin was leaving her here for the time being. “Thanks,” Laria said with a smile, already finding herself warming to her superior. “I half-expected to end up sleepin’ in a storeroom someplace. This is… this is good of you.” Her smile widened, creasing the corners of her eyes as she made her way to the bed currently being cleared by a woman - presumably Ava. Once there was space, Laria thanked the scout and perched on the edge of the mattress. She cast her eyes about the room, greeting those present, and exchanging a few words of small talk. Still brimming with excitement, and perhaps feeling a touch nervous, she pulled her hair over her shoulder and deftly began to braid it, the familiar movements occupying her hands and mind. Knowing Erwin would return soon, she didn't want to get too comfortable.

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #6 on: March 26, 2019, 02:28:52 AM »
Apparently his day was turning around. The last minute bunk change he pulled worked out much better for him than he thought. Besides, the current commander would probably let this slide, the stubborn ‘morally upright’ taskmaster that he was. Regardless, she was left in good company and at least did not seem like she would be troublesome.

The quartermaster on the other hand cared little for where the cadet wound up. She always said, “So long as the supplies got to the right place and every soldier was clothed and fed the job got done,” she would vouch for anyone who worked to support that goal, and whatever the decision was. He was hoping he could count on that again. Before they parted ways, she showed him to a nearby bucket of water and a brush to clean the flecks of bile off of his boots before returning to the cadets to coral them for their first dinner as Survey Corps soldiers.

Erwin’s boots, now presentable, thudded through the halls with each of his steps as he neared the barracks again, but he noticed that the whispering continued. Everyone noticed how young the cadets were. The average age was perhaps sixteen, and it still struck him as rather odd. Surely there was no dire need to change the enlistment age? Population had been stable for years. Erwin thought to the work he continued to put in on his father’s theory.

Military growth, new expansion, population control… Could it all be tied together? He thought.

As he neared the rooms, he stood just beyond the doors. “Cadets, fall in!” He shouted. It was time to take them to their first meal. Unfortunately, for some, it would also be one of their last. After he made sure that everyone was together, he simply stated, “Follow me,” and led them to the mess hall. Even with its high, almost vaulted ceilings, it was a simple as a large tavern. Large wooden tables and benches dominated the space, each filling with Survey Corps soldiers as they picked up their meals from the serving station on the far side of the room.

“Welcome to the Mess Hall,” he began. “You will be here three times a day and if you’re careful, not scrubbing the floor from one side to the other. Meals are served at five in the morning, noon, and six in the evening. Each typically last a little more than a half hour unless otherwise stated. As our tour is done for today, I will take you back to your rooms when finished and be given the evening to get settled.” He surveyed the group, making note of the red-haired cadet one more time. “I will also fill you in on morning procedures when you return. You’re dismissed, for now.” « Last Edit: March 26, 2019, 02:29:13 AM by Erwin Smith »

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #7 on: June 10, 2019, 03:52:05 PM »
Time passed quickly, slipping through Laria's fingers like water. It was just long enough to share a brief snapshot with some of her roommates; she learned their names, where they were originally from and how long they had served, among other fairly superficial details. It was a foundation to be built upon later, if she could remember all she had been told. Exhilarated as Laria was, everything felt rather surreal.

Cadets, fall in!

The sound of Erwin's voice pulled her from conversation, and at once she stopped fidgeting with the thick braid of red hair that was now draped over her shoulder. "See you later!" Laria chirped as she rose to her feet, immediately responding to the summons.

Through the corridors the new recruits trooped. Their guide was tall - taller than most - thus it was easy to keep track of his golden head. Even for the diminutive Laria, who no longer held an advantageous position at the front of the crowd.

Space opened up around them as they entered the mess hall. While Erwin dutifully outlined the mealtimes, the redhead slipped through the throng in search of a better vantage point. Finding a spot where she wasn't hemmed in, she cast her dark eyes about and smirked faintly at the threat of scrubbing floors. The revelation of a 5am start did not cause her to blanch - she was an early riser, even before joining the Training Corps - but there were others who muttered quietly amongst themselves. Military life struck her as an odd choice for those who could not easily be parted from their beds, and the young recruit was entirely unsympathetic.

Knowing now that no further orientation was planned after their meal (except one last explanation from their guide, as to the morning procedure), Laria mentally made plans to write to her father and her brother. The words would be chosen carefully, penned as meticulously as she could manage, knowing as she did that the life of a scout was often short and met with a brutal end. Also understanding this sorry reality, her family would surely keep every letter she sent, however mundane the contents.

Laria could almost have sworn that Erwin's striking blue eyes glanced her way before he dismissed them. With a bit of shuffling and rearranging, the crowd formed a queue, waiting in line for their turn at the serving station. The military fare might be basic, but it was filling and nourishing and Laria was confident each of them were looking forward to a hot meal. Conversations erupted slowly, hesitantly, steadily building until the mess hall was humming with discussion. While many of the new recruits turned to one another, Laria was more interested in the less animated experienced scouts. Her gaze roved over the occupied tables, and landed on Erwin momentarily, curious as to how long he had served. Given that he had been trusted with orientating the new recruits, it seemed reasonable to assume he was held in fairly high esteem.

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #8 on: June 21, 2019, 11:43:10 PM »
Erwin slipped away as the cadets dispersed to their own tables, or drifted off to the windows. They would not have much time to eat if they weren’t careful. Erwin heard the distinctive clack of bowls landing on the massive wooden tables before a giant pot – although cauldron would have been more appropriate – of stew was carried over and their bowls filled. It smelled like chicken was the cook’s meat of choice this time. Large rolls of bread and cups of water followed. He spotted an open seat at a table a few steps away, waived over by his tormentors from the supply room. He shook his head and joined them sitting on the bench and silently leaned over to reach for a spoon.

“This no ale at dinner is starting to get to morale, don’t you think?” Asked one man from the other side of the table.

The woman who harassed him earlier responded, “Yeah, but so long as the cook keeps sending out edible food, who cares Luther?” She turned to Erwin, her green eyes gleaming with semi-torturous delight. “So,” she said with stretching it out for emphasis, “How’d it go with the rookies?” Did you skip the usual gloom and doom that Thomas gave to the last bunch?”

“Hey! I ain’t gonna lie to them Alicia,” came a shout from a red-haired man at the next table.

Erwin paused between spoonfuls of his meal. “I think we have an interesting mix. Only one seems to understand what she’s in for. The rest appear to be a mix of glory hounds, amateur adventurers, and thrill seeking farm boys. They have spirit, but I’d like to see how they handle combat. Time will tell how capable they really are of course.”

Luther snorted. “Yeah. Wonder how many will survive their first mission.” The table went quiet for a moment and Erwin went back to eating. They all had lost many friends and comrades in their time with the scouts. The ever present cloud of their own mortality seemed to drive the ‘work-hard, play-hard’ lifestyle of many in the Survey Corps.

The solemn moment was broken by Alicia tapping her spoon on the side of bowl and gesturing towards an approaching figure. Erwin looked behind and saw the commander approaching. The cadets seemed to be in order, so there was nothing of concern their. Erwin sidestepped out from the bench and saluted him. The bulk of the room followed suit.

The commander looked around, “As you were,” he stated simply. “Smith, I was informed by the quartermaster of the last minute room change you made for one of the cadets. I appreciate you thinking on your feet despite your foolish behavior last night.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The commander arched an eyebrow. “To keep you out of trouble however I have a task for you in the morning. Assemble a squad and take the cadets out of Sina and put them through their paces on horseback after inspection. I’m sure Alicia would be of great help.


The commander left and Erwin sat back down at his meal. Alicia with a somewhat stunned look on her face.

Luther glance over from his now empty bowl. “I tried to tell you that crate had wine in it from the capitol to entertain nobles, but you just wanted to screw with Erwin.”

Erwin finished his meal and excused himself as the table did their best to keep Alicia from killing Luther with a soup bowl. Erwin returned to the door and waited for the last of the cadets to finish their meals, then summoned them.

“Cadets, fall in!” « Last Edit: September 24, 2019, 03:55:54 PM by Erwin Smith »

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #9 on: September 15, 2019, 09:33:11 AM »
When it was her turn to be served, Laria offered the aproned scout a small and grateful smile, cupping her hands around the wooden bowl that was quickly handed to her.  Its heat soaked pleasantly into her slender fingers while her dark eyes scanned the noisy room for a seat.  She espied one amongst some new recruits she was reasonably familiar with, though many of her closest companions - for better or worse - had the sense to opt for the Garrison over the Survey Corps.

Pulling out a chair, she took a seat beside the towering figure of Brocke, a young man sun-worn from years spent working on his family’s farm.  Possessing a booming laugh and a broad, intimidating build which he claimed was courtesy of Titan heritage - apparently he had skipped a few Titan Lore and Anatomy classes - there was certainly worse company to have during these trepidatious times.

After perfunctory greetings were exchanged - “Hey there short stuff,” drawled Brocke - Laria contented herself to listen to the laddish conversation going on around her, peering at her fellow newly-minted scouts through the frames of her glasses. She ate quickly, surprised at the heartiness of the chicken stew, though she grumbled inwardly at the dryness of the bread.

“ - and maybe we’ll find you a wife out there,” teased Mateo, a sandy-haired clown who had been inseparable from Brocke over the past three years.  He shovelled stew into his smirking mouth, green eyes glinting with sordid amusement.

Within eight weeks, both of these laughing young men would be dead.

“Ain’t no Titan lass big enough to take this co-” Brocke responded bawdily through a mouthful of bread, reaching down to grope crudely at his crotch, though he was interrupted by Laria’s elbow connecting with his ribs.

“That’s the Commander,” Laria blurted, nodding to the striking, stern figure who had entered the mess hall.  Swiftly wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she stood to salute, glaring at her companions until they set down their bowls and joined her.  A chorus of chairs scraping the stone floor greeted their ears as most of the room followed the lead that Erwin had set.

Once they were free to sit again, the new recruits wolfishly returned to their meal.

“He seems kind of serious, eh?” Mateo observed with a chuckle, his laughter tinged with nervousness, his eyes still cast in the Commander’s direction.

“It can’t be easy,” Laria said simply, dunking a piece of bread into her stew, to make it more palatable.  “Being Commander, I mean.”

“Seems a pretty sweet deal to me,” Brocke disagreed amicably.  “You get to give the orders, and never have to clean the latrines?  Sign me right up!”

Laria only shook her head, sipping at her water while the conversation moved on.  Minutes later, the order was given for them to fall in, the command reaching their ears just as the redhead pushed her empty bowl away from her.  Perfect timing, Erwin Smith, she thought to herself as she jumped to her feet and pushed in her chair.

“Fuck me, she’s keen,” grumbled Brocke, the remainder of his bread roll in hand as he heaved his massive body out of his chair, moving to join the other new recruits.

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #10 on: September 27, 2019, 03:55:31 PM »
Erwin surveyed the cadets as they lined up and did a quick mental headcount. While they had finished their meals, some would eventually learn the hard way about why they should not wear their food.

But it was not as though he could preach on that matter - especially after how he started his day. Furthermore, he was not their to be their father either.

"Follow," he said as he turned and left the Mess. Escorting them back to their rooms, he had little to say. He now had his own preparations for the morning to make as well.

Stopping almost precisely between the doors to their rooms, Erwin turned to face the group. "Tomorrow morning after inspection I will be leading you on an exercise to test your horsemanship abilities just outside of Wall Sina. There will be some of your other fellow soldiers with us as well. he surveyed their faces one last time, some were mildly excited, other seemed disgusted, and that red-headed girl was practically beaming. But he had yet to tell them the bad news.

"However, keep in mind that the commander prefers inspections to be held immediately after breakfast, and being late is not an option. As part of your training, we will begin our exercise by making sure you are properly packed for our brief excursion.  You're dismissed for the evening." Having finished speaking, he ushered the new recruits into their rooms and turned to leave.

He certainly could not afford to be late or out of order tomorrow morning.

Re: The Welcoming Committee [Erwin & Laria]
« Reply #11 on: October 09, 2019, 07:17:40 AM »
As the new recruits fell in behind their guide, a few pockets of quiet chatter persisted, the bolder among their number continuing conversations which had begun over bowls of stew. Silence fell once Erwin Smith brought them to a halt and began to speak, his steady voice carrying over their heads to reach even the ears at the very back of the crowd.

After morning inspection they would be participating in a horsemanship exercise? And that would have a chance to run shoulders with tried and tested scouts? Laria could scarcely believe her luck, and she turned to flash a triumphant, teasing grin Mateo's way. The sandy-haired young man groaned softly; he was much less fond of horses than the diminutive rider.

The reminder that they would have an early start elicited a sigh from Brocke and several others. "They couldn't even give us a day to settle in…" he grumbled, more to himself than anyone else.

Laria did not respond to his low complaint - they had been given this evening, wasn't that enough? - instead tilting her head so that she had a better view of their guide. He seemed capable, authoritative, even if his sullied boots had earlier pointed to a very human character. The corner of the redhead's mouth lifted wickedly, fondly, at the recollection.

As they were dismissed, and the recruits dutifully filed into their respective rooms, Laria took the decision to pack her supply bag that very night. While few liked a try-hard, she did want to at least make a good impression. With one last curious glance cast Erwin's way, she obediently stepped into her dormitory.


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