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Author Topic: Marlowe Freudenberg  (Read 453 times)

Marlowe Freudenberg
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:12:42 AM »

NAME:  Marlowe Freudenberg
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Bowl-Head, Errand Boy
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  830, August 7th
PLACE OF BIRTH: Interior City
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Cadet, Training Corps


Marlowe has a long face with a deep jawline, low cheekbones, and a slightly off-center chin. He's not the most gorgeous man in the training corps but at least he isn't called horse face. His nose is ovalized, and his mouth is small and stout. His eyes are a dark brown, while his hair is black and trimmed into a half bowl cut and undercut, leaving his ears exposed- and thin eyebrows lay an arched line just above his almond-shaped eyes. He stands at 5'5" with a lean figure like many other cadets due only to training, as before he joined he was scrawny.

He wears tan pants, when not in uniform, and a white button up that's weather appropriate, though once he started training he barely ever took the uniforms off. He enjoyed having something like that to show off, something no one else in his family line had done up to recorded history. He was the first to join the military and he plans on going all the way to the top, and making his family proud, and make a name for himself.


Marlowe has a decent sense of humor when he's not stressed, which is never, and is normally all smiles when he's in a good mood. Unfortunately, being in the military training program and trying to get to the MP is a lot on him, that and trying to please everyone around him, he's normally panicking inside about what to do and how to do it. He works hard all day and enjoys seeing other people happy he helped them out. Most nights will be spent studying rather than sleeping, he doesn't want to fall behind on anything, after all, has anybody ever died from just staying awake?... Have they?

Fear controls Marlowe 99% of the time, driving him back from taking risks that could have amazing benefits for himself simply because the consequences could either harm or just cause more trouble than the benefits are worth in the first place. Unless someone has asked him to do something or dared, it's likely he won't go out of his way to make something happen.

Though Marlowe doesn't like animals all that much, he would never hurt one, and wouldn't like to hear of one being harmed outside of hunting it for food either. So, anyone who's mean to animals, or other people, he will be most likely to avoid, unless he witnesses an altercation, where he will throw himself into the fray to preserve the peace.

Marlowe isn't gullible in the slightest, but that doesn't save him from doing whatever is asked of him. He just wants to be seen as a good person, but since joining the corps it seems like doing whatever anyone asks means you're a doormat. Eventually, he believes people will come around to him, because, who doesn't like someone that blindly does what they're told?

Despite what other people might think because of his willingness to listen to do tasks for others, he doesn't want to be known as an errand boy. He wants to be known to the people. Known as someone more like a hero, someone who stands up for the common good of everyone, and someone who will leave an imprint on the world after he's gone... and he knows he needs to start taking actual risks to get there, but... well those can come later, can't they?


Sense of Will; Marlowe may be a man with fear controlling him and doubt running through his mind every waking moment, but unlike the rest of his family, he's not someone to back down from a challenge, he will do what he can to make sure his goals are satisfied, and that the people around him can count on him.

Empathy; Marlowe has a weak spot for sad stories. If a man were planning to kill him and told his tragic story beforehand, Marlowe would probably go ahead and let the man have a shot. Guilt tripping works on him easily, but it's not really a bad thing to care about other people. While he may not necessarily pity someone, he finds a sense of bravery from them and looks up to those able to deal with their pasts.

Sense of Direction; Everyone has a little quirk about them that may be helpful, or just funny, but Marlowe's prime skill is his ability to memorize locations and keep direction. He's always aware of where he's going and any shortcuts he could take to get there, new locations throw him off, until about the third visit, and then he will know the area like the back of his hand. Stars and constellations are subject to this as well, though he doesn't know any by name, he guides off of them none the less.


Fear; Marlowe is afraid of almost everything. Failing his friends. Spiders. Continuing on the family name forever as mail delivery. What kind of life is that? Fear holds Marlowe back. He doesn't act on opportunities thrown at him simply because he's afraid of the risk. He's too cautious. He doesn't want to be a boring person, and he wants to change the world for the better, but how to go about that when you're just the spawn of paper pushers, and the world doesn't know you?

Submissive; From his fear of being seen as a bad or lazy person, he does anything asked of him by anybody. Dares sometimes too, thinking people will want to follow him if he shows he cares or if he's capable. Little will stand in his way of gaining his peer's approval. The fear of taking risk is almost always pushed aside when it comes to impressing the crowd... Even if it means getting into trouble.


Better the people around him and himself; He wants to be a good person, but what exactly does that mean? Just doing what everyone tells you to? He doesn't know where to start, but just being nice seems like a good place... right? The world needs someone to start something, clean the streets and the people... But how is one guy supposed to change that?


Though he isn't a clean freak, most bugs put Marlowe out of his comfort zone, as well as anything breathing aside from another person. Marlowe isn't an animal person because of this and heavily dislikes having to ride horseback.

He doesn't want to be boring, but he also doesn't know how to be a leader, how to take a stand, and envies people who can. He doesn't want to be the odd person out of the group, and everything piled together boils down to not wanting to leave the world without making an impression.


Marlowe was born into a family of mailmen. His parents didn't own the organization, but it was mostly his family members that worked for the man who did, and his father was a sort of assistant to the head man... doing whatever was asked of him, but he earned good pay, everyone did, and Marlowe soon learned that sharing was everything. He lived in a large house of fifteen, though he was the only child to his parents, he had two cousins a few years older than him, twins that practically made the young boy do everything for him since the moment he could first walk. Everyone chipped in around the house, of course, including the sisters, but that also meant everyone got lazy- and the youngest were often made to do the most basic tasks for the elders of the home. From making beds to washing clothes to simply, "hand me that paper there."

The family appreciated the youngest for this, especially when young Marlowe would respond to commands with, "Sure" and a smile on his face as he did what was asked. His mother, however, was the only one that found this odd, and would often ask her son to stand up for himself, or for the other family members to lay off and do their own tasks, though Marlowe never really minded. He enjoyed helping, even if it meant being taken advantage of. In the end, his grandfathers would smile and pat his head, give him a treat sometimes, and he was allowed whatever free time he wished after everything was done.

As Marlowe aged, his father began to speak of the family name and how everyone always worked at the same place as far back as anyone could remember, which seemed to strike a cord in Marlowe. He loved his family, and the work wasn't anything hard... but where would his parents live on in history? In each other? Their names would pass on the world in the blink of an eye, and to the higher nobels, his family were nothing. They only had each other.

He had seen soldiers praised in letters, the way their lives looked just from glimpses at them while delivering the mail, sometimes he would have the joy of interrupting a meeting and spying in on a few of the words shared. People were changing lives in the MP. They were keeping people safe, and they always looked so serious and formal, they had names that others would recognize, and they commanded respect. That's the kind of person Marlowe wanted to be, not some paper pusher sucking up to the owner of a company all his life.

Eventually, he came out to the family after enlisting and got the reaction he had hoped for, though he was still surprised at how supportive they all were. He hopes to visit them again after graduating, wearing a unicorn on his back to pridefully show off.

YOUR ALIAS:  Silver Wings
AGE:  17

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