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Author Topic: Auruo Bossard (WIP)  (Read 243 times)

Auruo Bossard (WIP)
« on: June 14, 2018, 04:16:39 AM »

NAME:  Auruo Bossard
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845):  January 6th, 818 (27)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Karanes, Wall Rose
GENDER:   Male
MEMBER GROUP:  Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM:  Auruo/Oluo from AOT


Auruo was not blessed with the handsome face that his squad mate Eld Jinn was blessed with, although, he does not consider himself to be an ugly fellow.  He appears older than he really is, which is due to a mixture of heredity misfortune, stress, and trying to wear the same pout as Captain Levi, but utterly failing at pulling it off. When Auruo relaxes and is just himself, his wrinkles smooth out and his features are surprisingly warm.

Standing at 5'8", Auruo is short in stature. His curly mop of hair has recently undergone a change in style, which was influenced by Humanity's  Strongest. He also rocks a two-toned look with a lighter brown on the top and darker brown underneath where he keeps it shaved and well groomed.  Auruo's already small brown eyes, look even smaller with lowered lids, and thin brows are often pulled downward in a condescending expression. His mouth is kept unnaturally in a frown, although, when he is feeling particularly full of himself, a smirk does grace his face.

He wears the typical survey corps uniform, with a white or dark green button up shirt,  but has recently upgraded his wardrobe to include a cravat similar to that of Levi's. His civilian attire is much more comfortable, especially when he is home visiting with family.


Loud, arrogant, and obnoxious. These three words roll off the tongue of any scout that has had the pleasure of working along Auruo, and to be frank, they are words of truth. Auruo Bossard is self-confident, quite outspoken and never wastes the opportunity to boast about his own prowess. But he is more than a loud asshole with a blade

Auruo is immature, especially in the way that he actively imitates Levi, but his behavior goes beyond simple immaturity.  Auruo wears a mask of sorts. Yes, he has a superiority complex, but catch him in an unguarded moment and true colors shine brightly. Levi is the soldier who Auruo wants to be, and will follow him anywhere without question.  Despite how he acts, Auruo feels as if his life is not worth anything, especially in matters of advancing humanity's fight against the titans. If Auruo can be more like Levi, he can more than just the firstborn accident or the soldier who can be easily replaced; he can be brave, strong and calm in the scariest of moments.

Auruo needs validation, there is a rumor going around that he doesn't live off human food, but only the validation and compliments he receives from captain Levi. In a way, it is true. Validation of success or a job well done feeds his ego, but without it, Auruo struggles with the self-confidence that oozes out of his pores.
Though he is a bit smug and can be a bit of a jerk at times, Auruo is fiercely loyal to his team and the Survey Corps as a whole. He found a group of people that can handle his antics and he treasures them, even though he loves to press Petra's buttons and argues with her on a far too regular basis. He cares for them, but will never openly admit it. He wants to be accepted and always wants to look good in front of them, probably why he works so hard to look like he is not working at all.

  • ODM Gear
  • Insults
  • Imitating Levi
  • Taking on titans by himself
  • Blunt/striaghtforward
  • Brave
  • Quick relexes when it comes to fighting/engaging titans

  • Teamwork
  • Compliments
  • Wits
  • Emotional
  • Rash
  • Too blunt
  • Clumsy
  • Doesn't think before speaking
  • Clumsy outside of fighting...mostly when boasting/trying to show off

To be a hero to the people of Paradis. To kick titan butt and win back Wall Maria. Win over a woman's heart and start a family. To earn Levi's respect. 

FEARS: Death by titan. Looking like a fool in front of his comrades, especially those rank below him.  Letting down Levi and his squad.


In the heart of Karanes district lives the Bossard family. A big family of nine, the Bossard household is full of smells that will make your stomach melt with happiness, and rambitous energy that does not die down until heavy lids flutter shut for the night. Although the house is full of energy and life, it is missing one. Auruo, the oldest of the siblings, who only stops by when granted leave from duty. A scout,  proudly bearing the wings of freedom, Auruo has become a hero in the eyes of his family members, especially his younger brothers.  Six 8half brothers all of whom are under the age of 12. 

Born on a particularly frigid morning, just six days into the new year, Auruo was a big baby and came into the world with a messy mop of hair. His mother, young and unmarried,   


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