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Author Topic: Gunther Schultz  (Read 939 times)

Gunther Schultz
« on: June 19, 2018, 05:05:55 PM »

NAME: Gunther Schultz
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF YEAR 845): 30 July 820 (25)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Eastern Wall Rose territory
MEMBER GROUP: Survey Corps
FACE CLAIM: Gunther Schultz of Attack on Titan

APPEARANCE: Gunther is an imposing figure, standing tall and sturdy at six feet. His brunet hair is brushed back and spiked at the crown, giving the impression of his hair constantly being whipped back by the wind (some might say he does this deliberately, after finding he liked the style during one of his earliest expeditions, though whether that is the truth is up to debate). His dark brown eyes are said to bore into the heads of those who take their duties less than seriously and have some kind of mind controlling ability on the weak-minded - Gunther has never refuted this.

Gunther considers himself to have an even balance between work life and personal; his relationships with colleagues is easy-going, though in a working setting he switches off and focuses on his objectives. This is, of course, to preserve his life so he can carry out his duty, and to keep his comrades from death. Teamwork is of the utmost importance, and he provides ample opportunity to those he works with to ensure  the best result, usually taking on the position of distracting or debilitating Titans so his teammates can take the kill. While also suspicious of motives and situations that don't quite sit right with him, questioning orders that might prove complicated or misjudged, though he is ultimately obedient to his superiors and those he trusts - his questions come out of concern rather than rebellion.

He cares about how he is seen, though not quite to a narcissistic level, being self-conscious at least partly due to his childhood. While he can share a joke, he rarely joins in on them, finding them an unnecessary distraction, though give him a drink or two and he'll certainly relax - it all depends on the setting. 'Strong and silent' sums him up well, given his usual work ethics and behaviour. For Gunther, it is important for him to be like this, to be stoic and dependable given both his regiment and his training. While he never went into the medic specialist role, his proficiency in battlefield medicine has allowed him some gruesome memories to last him a lifetime. Most importantly, he has learned that those who are panicked need to follow somebody reliable, something he can understand when he has total trust in his squad and captain.

× obedient
× perceptive
× reasonable
× silent
× strong
× stoic

× conventional
× earnest
× firm
× reserved
× self-conscious
× wary

× to carry out his mission objectives
× be alive to see Wall Maria reclaimed

× disappointing the squad
× a grisly death


Gunther Schultz was born into a rather average family, raised within the Wall Rose territory. The Schultz family was not particularly poor, but nor were they in a comfortable spot. A close-knit bunch, three generations at once lived together and forged strong bonds. He was particularly close to his grandfather, who he accompanied on many trips on rocky hikes for supplies for the village.

There was nothing of note that pushed him into enlisting for the training corps; he simply wanted to be stronger, to help with more, and protect his family's future. His younger brother was more interested in taming the land and working for the village, while he liked the idea of proving himself as a capable soldier.

Throughout his training, he proved such, tirelessly striving to do well. Quite a stoic figure, he was a silent partner in exercises but a confident companion in private. His expertise in battlefield medicine and cohesion in team situations was the only thing of note throughout his training - he never quite shone beyond his fellow cadets outside of this, and was hardly the popular sort. He didn't make the Top 10, falling short by some places, and only at the last minute did he decide to enroll with the Survey Corps, having dithered between the three factions throughout his training.

As a new Scout, he wasn't quite as terrified to the extent of wetting himself during their first expedition, but it was certainly different. He wasn't especially adept at engaging with Titans himself, something he put down to his height and constant need to check on the positions of those around him, but he survived. Again, and again. His skill was found in his assists, as he could watch a situation and work out a good route to taking down the target. It wasn't always perfect, but he racked up a considerable amount of assists. On more than one occasion he turned temporary medic to assist his comrades caught by Titans; while not all lived, as was expected, he made something of an impact.

It was this that resulted in Gunther Schultz joining Captain Levi's Special Operations Squad. Hand-picked, an honour. His family at home couldn't have been any prouder, though his grandfather lamented that he could rely less on Gunther to come home to help them.

AGE: 22


Re: Gunther Schultz
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 07:46:36 PM »

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