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Title: Flickering fun. [Connie]
Post by: Eren Jaeger on March 07, 2021, 03:58:40 PM
[ summer 846 ]
[ forest in Wall Rose ]

Groups of cadets had been sent out on hikes into one of the nearby forests, each tasked with a list of what to do. They had no supervision. Once they had found a good spot to camp, the group had settled down into prepping everything for the night.

The bonfire crackled as one of the cadets cooked up some meat another had caught. Their list for the night had been ticked off, leaving them only with the morning's tasks and the hike back to go. Night had not long fallen before they completed it all, leaving them with time to spare. A rarity with most of their activities, particularly when the instructors left them to moderate themselves.

Eren had been in charge of collecting firewood, and now that they had enough to last them through the night he sat down on a log and rested. Despite the summer heat even in evening, the bonfire was still a welcome beacon. The temperature had slowly dropped off as darkness consumed the sky. Now only the flames gave them light.

He turned to Connie beside him. "Feels pretty dull to just... go to sleep now, doesn't it?" he said. The cadet corps had many routines, one of which of course included their sleeping times, but... nobody could stop them from staying up out here. He ached for something different. These hikes were designed to bond teams and teach them survival techniques. But they were almost always the same, just with different environments and maybe a switch in responsibilities.
Title: Re: Flickering fun. [Connie]
Post by: Connie Springer on March 08, 2021, 03:01:08 AM
Summer of 846
forest in Wall Rose

If he was being completely honest he didn't quite understand the point of this training. Well... that wasn't entirely true. Beyond the walls it was possible they could end up staying on an expedition overnight, he supposed. Or worst case scenario, if they were ever to get separated from the group and left out in the open they would have to be able to do this as well as survive the titans. Still why were they doing this now?
Whatever the reason he wasn't going to complain about it.

They had been hiking through out the day and had finally come to a stop to set up their camp. Each of them had been given a different role and his was to look for water. Thankfully there was a stream not too far away and he was able to take everyones canteen to the river fill it with water and bring it back. It took him a couple trips but he managed to get it all done nonetheless.
The day went on just as he had expected it to and by the time the sun had set he was sat in front of the fire, his eyes watching the orange and yellow flames dancing in the darkness.

His attention was caught by Eren as he spoke up. "Yeah... it kinda does feel dull to go to sleep now..." he said. Back at the training grounds they were in bed and lights out by a certain time but now,... well now with nobody to supervise them they had time to stay up. "We never get a chance to stay up late... feels like we should't waste the opportunity. Who knows when we'll get another one."
His mind began rattling as he thought of just how the pair could spend their free time.
Title: Re: Flickering fun. [Connie]
Post by: Eren Jaeger on March 16, 2021, 08:52:52 PM
"Never, if the instructors have any choice in it - and they do," he muttered. The opportunity was too good to give up on. And it'd be nice to really have a proper time of rest. Even better - one with a bit of fun. There had been moments here and there where he'd been able to enjoy himself. But he'd also done a lot of training. And it was summer!

Summer was meant to be a time of... chilling out and maybe having a good time in the fields or splashing through water. It wasn't for sweating all their water out within an hour because they had to keep climbing a damn hill.

"We have to do something," he said, looking at Connie. The fun guy, the one messing around. The boy made him laugh. And that was exactly what they needed right now. A really good laugh. "Got any ideas?" he asked eagerly.
Title: Re: Flickering fun. [Connie]
Post by: Connie Springer on August 24, 2021, 04:36:30 AM
Connie paused for a moment. What could they do? Honestly, the possibilities were endless, it was just a matter of deciding and coming up with the perfect idea.
"Well, ," he paused, turning around from his spot and scanning the sites. Tents of their fellow comrades were scattered about, some closer to the fire while others were further away.
Suddenly an idea sparked in his head. Was it a good idea? Well he sure thought it was. Before the majority of soldiers had gone to bed, there was some time were the group was gathered around the fire, sharing stories and of course, someone wanted to tell a couple of scary campfire stories. Even though it was to the dismay of a few soldiers.

"What was that story that was told? Something about some cryptid?"he couldn't remember what story it was or who told it, "remember how totally not scared Jean was?"
A playful smirk started to curl his lips and he looked at Eren, hoping that the he was catching what Connie was throwing. They wouldn't be mean, this was all in good fun, of course. And it would be fun to see Jean react to their fake cryptic.
"That's the only idea I got, well... i have another one but I don't think it's as fun. But I am open to others,"he chuckled, "What do you think, Yeager?"