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Title: Lost (Reiner)
Post by: Sylvia Charpentier on June 14, 2021, 09:10:31 PM
 Sylvia shivered as together with Reiner they managed to force open the door to the abandoned cabin. Gasping she shut the door behind her firmly. Overhead rain hammered on the still largely watertight roof, whilst the wind howled like the hounds of hell outside the wooden walls. Sylvia shook from the cold, she was soaked, Reiner she suspected was just as soaked as she was. To think the day had started so well. Cadets were split into teams of two and told to navigate their way back to base. The weather had been warm and welcoming, plus being alone with Reiner was a plus, if a bit scandalous. Was a lady meant to be alone with their crush? Yet despite the promise of a good day, grey clouds soon swept overhead and seemingly before Sylvia knew it, the heavens unleashed a downpour that no clothing or temporary shelter under a tree might provide any protection from. '

At least in a building they were safer from the storm and could wait it out. "We need to light a fire and start drying our uniforms before we catch a chill." Sylvia commented, her teeth chattering. She was small to begin with, so the soaking did not help her when it came to retaining body heat. "If that kept up I swear we might have been the first people to drown on land."

She shrugged off her utterly drenched cloak and it fell to the floor with a wet thump. Sylvia shivered again. "We need to start a fire." She had deliberately avoided glancing at Reiner, he had to be just as soaked as herself, no doubt his shirt revealing those rock hard muscles. Damn now was not the time, save themselves first then she can sneak glances at those muscles.
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Post by: Reiner Braun on June 15, 2021, 10:16:47 PM
The training had been simple today. Or at least, it was supposed to be. The cadets were supposed to make their way back to the base after being sent away from it, splitting up into groups. This would be easy. Reiner was alright when it came to navigating. And they had found a path which would have been easy to traverse to arrive back at the base. But, that's when the weather had decided to take a turn for the worse.

With the torrential downpour, it had obscured their vision, which was only going to make this trek dangerous if they couldn't see well in front of them to avoid obstacles. So, along with Sylvia, who he was more than happy to be partnered with, they had sought out some form of shelter to wait out the storm.

Luckily, they had stumbled upon a cabin. After they had struggled with getting the door opened, Reiner had allowed Sylvia to get inside first before following behind her. He was quite happy to be out of the rain, but it didn't change the fact that both he and Sylvia were drenched from the rain.

We need to light a fire and start drying our uniforms before we catch a chill.

He glanced towards the other, giving a faint nod. He hoped she didn't get sick from this. He couldn't control the weather, but he'd still feel bad if she wasn't feeling well for a few days. "Not really sure what we can find around here for a fire. Everything outside is too wet to be used." he said.

Perhaps there was something inside they could stumble upon and use. He'd have to search around. He wanted to find something warm for her at the very least. At her comment of drowning on land, a faint laugh left him.

"I wouldn't let that happen." he stated. Not on land, nor in the lake. He turned his gaze away from her, starting to remove his cloak. He made his way over to the side of the room, setting his cloak down on the floor. He removed his jacket as well, resting it beside his cloak.

"How are you holding up?" he asked, taking a quick look back at Sylvia.
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Post by: Sylvia Charpentier on June 16, 2021, 05:47:56 PM
 "Maybe there will be some old firewood by the fireplace or coal? We can break down a chair maybe?" She suggested, shivering as she glanced around the old cabin. There should be some stuff here left behind by the former occupants that they might be able to make use of. It was an emergency situation after all.

"Thank you." Sylvia replied softly, hoping that the gloom of the cabin hid her blushing cheeks. "I'm fine, cold, soaked and wondering why I decided to leave the warm life of a heiress behind." She kept her jacket on in a futile attempt to stay warm. The soonest way to get warm and dry again would be to find something to start a fire with.
Anything beat being soaked and cold after all. Sylvia started to explore the cabin, heading over to the fireplace. It was cold, but dry in spite of the downpour, sadly no lumps of coal but a few cobweb covered logs were there. "I found something to fuel the fire, do you have any matches? Or kindling?"

She then realised that she had not asked Reiner how he was holding up. "Also are you okay? Don't want you getting sick. Someone has to keep Eren in line right?"
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Post by: Reiner Braun on June 17, 2021, 11:39:05 AM
Maybe there will be some old firewood by the fireplace or coal?

Reiner was silent, glancing around the room for anything they could use. This place was someone's home at one point, right? If they left and didn't bother taking anything with them, then there should be some supplies just laying around. "Yeah, maybe." he said. Anything the could use though, they would take.

I'm fine, cold, soaked and wondering why I decided to leave the warm life of a heiress behind.

Sometimes Reiner thought the same thing about her. She had everything she could have ever wanted. And yet she signed up for the military, knowing it would be a struggle. He couldn't say he wasn't secretly pleased about her joining. He had enjoyed her company throughout training so far.

Taking a glance over at the girl, he noticed her cheeks were flushed with color, but he thought nothing of it. "Well, I suppose I should thank you for deciding to leave your old life behind. Not really sure how I would have met you otherwise." he murmured, a gentle smile tugging at his lips. After all, she was a true friend. And while they didn't speak all that often, he could consider her one of his friends.

He had started exploring the cabin, searching for anything they could use to start a fire. He had thankfully found a box of matches. There weren't a lot left in there, but they would work for now at least.

At Sylvia's question, he made his way over to her and the fireplace. "Yeah, I've got matches." he said. He then kneeled down by the fireplace, working on setting up the fireplace to light it. It took a minute or two, but he finally got a flame started. He let out a content sigh as warmth from the fire started filling the cabin.

Also are you okay?

Reiner turned his head to look up at her. "Of course. I was more worried about you getting sick." he said. After all, he knew he'd be fine. He was pretty resilient to disease. Reiner soon got to his feet again. "Rest by the fire for a while. You'll feel better." he said.
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Post by: Sylvia Charpentier on June 17, 2021, 12:48:09 PM
 At Reiner's comment, she glanced away finding something very interesting about the floor instead to occupy her eyes. "I'm sure you would have found a way, especially if you decided to go into the MPs. Rich people need security. Both their own household guards, but also proper military." She said quietly, though Sylvia doubted that she would have been happy to stay behind Wall Sina and live a life not her own.
Sure she might have had wealth, wanted for nothing, feasted on the finest foods and possess luxuries most of her fellow cadets could not even imagine. But she would not have been happy with any of it.

"Good let's see if we can get this fire going." Sylvia turned to look at him with a small smile. With a fire they might finally be able to dry out and warm up. Then once the storm passed or at the very least reduced in it's ferocity, they could continue on the training exercise.
She too let out a sigh as Reiner managed to get the fire going, holding out her cold hands to drink in the comforting warmth. How strange it was, to value something so simple like a mere fire.

"I'm fine." Sylvia insisted, touched by his concern. "I've spent a good decade being raised on good food with the best doctors money could buy if I became ill." She frowned and shook her head. "I am probably one of the healthiest cadets." The advantage of being a noble daughter, even after Wall Maria was smashed, even as others starved or struggled to eat... She had plenty, too much to eat. But she was no more to blame for the circumstances of her birth than any of those less fortunate.

"I'm going to try and dry out my jacket." Sylvia told him, setting up her jacket so it might dry from the heat. Her uniform was soaked, but there were limits as to what she could dry easily. Far better to stay by the fire and warm up at the same time as the sodden garments dried on her. "Make sure you don't get cold or sick either... I'm not going to be able to carry you back if you become ill." She was not strong enough to carry Reiner if he needed it. He was simply too heavy for her to lift alone.
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Reiner couldn't help but to chuckle and shake his head a bit. Of course, the Military Police is still what he's set on going into after graduation. Assuming he ranked high enough, but he wasn't worried about not getting top ten. "Heh, I suppose. But, I'm glad I met you through the cadet corps. Not sure how I would have felt meeting you as a noble." he said.

She still technically was a noble. But, she wasn't living like one. Not here anyway. She certainly didn't act like one that often either. That had helped in his opinion of her. He relaxed however when she mentioned she was doing fine. He was glad to hear that.

I'm not going to be able to carry you back if you become ill.

He let out a laugh, sending a smile her way. "Relax. I wouldn't force you to ever carry me." he said teasingly. Not like she really could anyway if she tried. He was far too heavy for her. He watched as she set her jacket out to dry. He probably should do the same for his jacket and cloak that he dumped in the corner of the room. And he should probably try to dry out his shirt.

He glanced over towards Sylvia, hesitating slightly. "Mind if hang up my shirt to dry or is that going to bother you?" he asked. If him being shirtless was going to bother her, he wouldn't. He'd be fine regardless, but he'd much rather have his clothes dried for when they set off again when the rain stopped.
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 Sylvia blushed but shrugged her shoulders. "I am just another person at the end of the day. Respect for my station is appreciated but how you would have felt is down to you." Sylvia still found feelings to be an awkward topic. After all they could not be definitively proven, so without scientific evidence or documentation it was not possible to prove they existed outside of a personal level of an individual, so therefore to her they didn't. 

She shook her head at his laughter. "It's true." She protested. "I doubt I can even drag you." She glanced at him and his impressively bulky frame, all of it hard lean muscle she had no doubt. It would be impossible, unlike him carrying her, she suspected he could bench press her easily.

At the question of him hanging his shirt to dry, her heart almost stopped. Sure she had seen Reiner shirtless before, but that was different. There were other people around then, but the two of them alone and him in a state of undress? How scandalous!
But all the same, the sight of that body sent her heart racing. She looked away shyly. "I... I do not know if that is appropriate for a lady and a gentleman to be alone together with the gentleman being in a state of undress."
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Reiner gave her a gentle smile. True, had they not met in the cadet corps, perhaps he would have felt different about her. But maybe not. If she acted the way she did during training, he probably would have liked her. After all, she was a sweet girl. He enjoyed her company.

I doubt I can even drag you.

"You might if you tried hard enough." he said teasingly. He doubted she could though. She wasn't the strongest cadet in their class.

Reiner couldn't help but to chuckle softly as she mentioned it not being appropriate for him to take his shirt off around her. Which, yeah. That was probably true. He nodded, looking towards the fire. "Fine by me." he said.

He sighed quietly, soon sitting down on the floor by the fire, but he kept plenty of room for Sylvia to join him. "You should rest while you can, Sylvia. I doubt the rain is letting up any time soon." he said. She may as well get some sleep and stay warm while they had the chance.
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 Sylvia shook her head at him and folded her arms across her chest. "If it came down to that I would simply pay someone to carry you. Money does have it's uses." Though it would be awkward to explain just as to why she needed an unconscious man carried. Such things however were bound to spread unwelcome and unwanted rumours. "Are you sure? It is bound to be soaked." Sylvia did not want him to feel uncomfortable due to it. Both of their clothes were no doubt drenched. She shuffled slightly closer to the fire, letting the heat warm her body.

She set herself down on the ground, but made sure there was some physical distance between the two of them. After a few moments she pulled off of her boots. Sylvia set those near the fire so that they might dry out. She studied her damp socks and let out a quiet sigh. "By the Walls I cannot wait to dry out."

She did not lie down however, staying sitting up, warming her hands by the fire. "Maybe we can try and cook some of our rations? Or at the very least make them more edible."
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Reiner smirked at her, chuckling at the thought of Sylvia paying someone to drag him off. She was most likely better off just leaving him there should he ever pass out. It would save her the hassle, and save him the embarrassment. Hopefully a situation like that would never happen.

Are you sure? It is bound to be soaked.

He shrugged slightly at her question. Was his shirt soaked? Of course. But, it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. It helped as well that titan shifters were normally much warmer than a normal human. So, that had helped in keeping off most of the cold from him. "I'm sure, Sylvia. Don't worry about me." he said. Regardless, she probably would. That just seemed to be in her nature.

He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she sat herself down beside him. He hummed in agreement, his head turning to face her. He barely took notice of what she was saying, getting lost in his thoughts as he stared at her. The glow from the fire only made her eyes even more beautiful. Not that she wasn't already beautiful before. But...she was stunning in this lighting.

Reiner quickly tore his gaze away from her, hoping she wouldn't notice the color that tinted his cheeks. At her question, he chuckled quietly. "I don't think there is a way to make them taste better." he said. No matter what anyone did to the rations, they were doomed to taste poorly.
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 Sylvia nodded. "Okay." There was not much either of them could do to dry their uniforms other than wear them besides the fire. Had either been alone in this place, then perhaps. But as there happened to be two of them... It was out of the question.

She chuckled at that. "At least they'll be warm on the plus side?" Though Reiner did have a point, their food was rarely if ever edible. Nothing like the food she dined on back at her home estate. Lamb in plum sauce, suckling pig, mouthwatering steaks, soups, stews... Her mouth water and her stomach gurgled at the thought.
Unlike most of the cadets who had arrived at the camp skinny and hungry, Sylvia arrived slim but well fed. It was obvious in the manner of her dress, the quality of her clothes, her accent, even the way she held herself that this was no mere cadet, no peasant or factory worker. Nay, she happened to be from high society, a lady...

Being a cadet had been educational, especially in regards to the wider world. It had been eye opening to just how spoiled and protected her upbringing had been.
She shivered and hauled her bag closer to the fire, fumbling for one of the pots and some of the hard dried salted meat the military provided. Sylvia still had no clue what it was, she doubted it to be meat at all. She dropped them in the pot, before dropping in some of the other rations, beans, vegetables mostly, plus a few wild mushrooms she had found on the way, before it started to rain. Finally she poured in the water from her canteen and attempted to set the pot over the fire to cook. Wincing at the heat and rapidly withdrawing her hand. It wasn't burned, fortunately. "By the Walls how do poor people cook without a stove?" She protested glumly. She knew how to cook over a camp fire, but that was different.

Sylvia started to colour realising she sounded like aristocrat rather than a soldier. "I mean... Er... Fire is indeed hot?" She finished gloomily, her excuse sounded weak and false even to her own ears.
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At least they'll be warm on the plus side?

Reiner nodded slightly, a faint smile tugging at his lips. Whether actually warming up their rations would help improve upon the taste, he couldn't say. Perhaps slightly. But, it still would probably hold little appeal. He couldn't say he was exactly hungry at the moment either. But if she was hungry, by all means she could attempt at warming them up.

"I'm sure it's still nothing compared to what you're used to." he said. Although it had already been a year into training, Sylvia was no doubt still accustomed to higher quality food. She was a noble after all. They had the best food served to them. He couldn't say he's ever experienced that luxury before. So, he could handle the rations they were given.

He watched her curiously as she started rummaging through her bag, pulling out a pan. As she mixed together some ingredients and attempted to rest the pot over the fire, his eyes widened as she drew her hand away rather quickly. Had she burned herself?

Getting to his feet, he moved closer to Sylvia, kneeling beside her. He reached over, carefully taking her hand in his own as he brought it closer, examining it for any burns. Thankfully she seemed alright. Letting out a relieved breath, he met her gaze. "Be careful, Sylvia. We don't exactly have anything here to treat burns." he said. And he didn't want to see her get hurt.

Realizing he was still holding her hand, he hastily let go of her hand and looked away. "I would be shocked if fire wasn't hot. That is its main purpose." he murmured, a light hearted attempt at a joke.
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 Sylvia coloured visibly and glanced away. She swallowed before saying. "Yeah... It is kind of weird knowing how I... Well I have eaten much better and seeing how the comm... Most people eat and eating it is rather eye opening." She remembered struggling to get down the food for the first few weeks of training. Poor quality, bland, tasteless, dull and usually only one course! One course? Who could be happy with but a single course for a meal?

The smaller woman winced as he took her hand, not because it hurt... Rather because it happened to be that Reiner was holding her hand, they were alone together, two single individuals, an unescorted lady and a common man. The scandal. "Yes I will be more careful." Sylvia managed to reply her voice quiet. After a few moments she pulled her hand away, retracting it. "I'm not sure how you cook over a regular fireplace, it... It is different to cooking over a camp fire or a stove." The rich girl admitted awkwardly. Sylvia was very intelligent, incredibly so, unfortunately there were some gaps in her knowledge, such as how to cook as a poor person.

"Yeah, me too. Best to check though." She responded, her eyes falling onto the fire as she clutched her hand to her chest. Reiner had held her hand.

Reiner had held her hand!

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Reiner studied her for a moment, raising an eyebrow. Sylvia had caught herself, but he knew what she was going to say. Commoners. Whether she stated it or not, it was inherently the truth. Her noble heritage would always mean everyone around her would be less, in some way. Even if she tried to escape her roots in training.

Not like it bothered Reiner. After all, he was used to being seen as 'lesser'. Though not for the reason Sylvia might see him as. Regardless of her status, Reiner saw her as his equal. In training, she was just another cadet. Another future soldier. Why should he view her as anything different here?

At her wince, Reiner instantly frowned, his eyes widening with slight concern. He hadn't hurt her, had he? He allowed Sylvia to pull her hand away, keeping a careful eye on her. She...didn't look hurt. So that was a good sign, right?

Yes I will be more careful.

He relaxed at her words, a ghost of a smile catching his lips. Good. At least he wouldn't have to worry about any future injuries from her. At her comment, he chuckled quietly. Stoves were commonplace back in his home. Even still, he knew how to cook over a fire as well. It was just part of basic survival necessity there.

"I will finish it for you, Sylvia. Just relax." he murmured. There was no need why she had to do everything herself. After all, he wasn't exactly doing much in the moment either. And she needed to rest up. He flashed a smile her way. "And, we don't stick our hands in the flames to check if it's warm or not." he teased lightly.
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 Sylvia decided to avoid Reiner's gaze feeling it bore into her. Wealth does hath it's privileges after all, that and her noble pedigree. As far as soldiers went, many who were poor, homeless and or orphans, she lived, had lived in a completely different life, a life so removed from their own it might as well be fantasy.

Just relax, Sylvia thought her lips forming into a small smile. Just relax and yet they were alone together, lost in the wood whilst as a storm raged overhead. The worst part of that and also the best happened to be the fact they were lost together, a lone lady and a lone gentleman. Scandalous stuff even if it had not been their plan or intention to be caught in this storm.

"Well we have to cook it somehow. Might as well eat this... Food warm for a change right?" Sylvia could usually supplement the meager rations with food she found, edible plants and fungi, sometimes roots and tubers depending on the season and environmental location. No such luck today. "It is almost like we are the only two people in the world." She muttered softly.
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Might as well eat this... Food warm for a change right?

Reiner smirked a bit, shaking his head. "If you can call it food." he murmured. The rations were...mediocre at best. But it was better than nothing if one was hungry. It wasn't like they had any other options at the moment. So the best he could hope for is a somewhat better taste if it was warm. At least for Sylvia, he wasn't particularly hungry.

He glanced down at the pot that Sylvia had dumped her rations into. They didn't exactly have anything to properly rest it over the fire with. He'd have to hold it then until the food had warmed up. Looking towards the flames, he hesitated for a moment. He could easily avoid burning his hand, but the pot, and the handle, would most likely warm up regardless from the fire.

Standing up, he moved over to the corner of the room where he set his cloak and jacket down. He grabbed his cloak, making his way back to the fire as he kneeled down again next to it. He wrapped the handle up in part of his cloak, grabbing it and holding the pot over the fire. At least the damp cloth should ward off the warmth from the handle for a while. So long as he didn't accidentally let the cloak catch fire, they'd be fine.

It is almost like we are the only two people in the world.

Reiner's golden eyes remained locked on the fire, his cheeks heating up from her comment. "I don't think I would be disappointed if that were the truth. You're...good company." he mumbled, his voice having grown more gentle.
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"Personally..." Sylvia began quietly. "I would not call any of this food. Until you've tasted my chef's lamb with plums or pheasant in a white wine sauce you have not truly experienced food." The dishes the man concocted were simply incredible and if anything thanks to the price issues due to the reduction of the amount of food available, he had done very well for himself... His pay was impressive, but given his skill and talent, Sylvia like her parents before her was happy to pay the price he demanded for his services.

Sylvia reddened and glanced away, finding something interesting in her boots. "I... Thank you." She eventually said. "I try to be." Though she often felt as though she was not a part of anyone's friendship group, outside of Reiner's and Annie's, with Bert there too mostly because he happened to be interested in Annie.
Sylvia could understand the reason for the attraction to Annie, she was short, confident and beautiful. What more could anyone want for a partner? What she did not know was if Annie knew of the interest or acted upon it.

"Maybe Bert and Annie are alone together in a cabin too." Sylvia said softly as if it were the most salacious and scandalous rumour known to her. She had no idea that her best friend and Bert were girlfriend and boyfriend respectively.
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Until you've tasted my chef's lamb with plums or pheasant in a white wine sauce you have not truly experienced food.

Reiner blinked, looking towards Sylvia. He would admit, that all sounded amazing. And most likely something he would never get to try. But, at least Sylvia had access to everything she needed. That was good enough for him. "Heh, is that an offer?" he asked, a faint smirk on his lips. He was joking of course. He had no intention of taking advantage of her noble status.

I... Thank you.

Reiner noticed her cheeks reddening. His smile softened a bit as he watched her. "You're welcome, Sylvia. You don't have to be embarassed or anything. You're a good friend, Sylvia. I enjoy being around you." he said.

Since his time of being on the island, he had made several friends. And he was glad to count Sylvia amongst them. Whether she thought the same of him, he couldn't say. He hoped, at least.

Maybe Bert and Annie are alone together in a cabin too.

A soft chuckle left him as he glanced back towards the fire. Perhaps they were. And if they happened to be alone, chances are their time in a cabin would be much more exciting than what Sylvia and himself were experiencing.

"Perhaps. They're probably making out or something if that's the case." he said. After all, they weren't shy with their affections for one another when they were alone. Being around the other cadets, however, was a different story. Bertholdt still slipped a few gestures Annie's way to express his fondness towards her, but it was subtle when other people were by them.
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 True to form Sylvia blushed at the suggested he hinted at. Hastily she responded. "Yes, but we would have to invite a few more people around. A lady cannot dine alone with a gentleman. Think of the rumours." She shook her head at the idea, people would surely gossip about this too. But she comforted herself with the idea that they might say the same for any girl and guy trapped alone in the house.

She nodded and explained quietly, meeting his gaze. "Where I come from comments are not as open." A kind word of thanks or the polite mention that they look lovely, but never the openness that commoners appeared to enjoy.

Sylvia's eyes widened at the suggestion. "Oh..." She replied simply. For her such a thing would be a massive public scandal, yet as common people they were able to do something like that. Never the less she still viewed it as something salacious and sordid.
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Reiner chuckled a bit at the thought of inviting more people. "In that case, we should bring along everyone from the 104th for dinner." he murmured, casting a smirk to Sylvia. If that happened, they would no doubt have her house destroyed within an hour. And he wouldn't put it past some of their comrades to steal something. Maybe that wasn't the best idea.

Where I come from comments are not as open.

Ah, right. She was raised in a certain way. And perhaps compliments and people actually being happy to be around her weren't common.  Well, that changed in the cadet corps. She was one of them now. "Heh, well, you should get used to me saying stuff like this. I mean...unless it bothers you of course." he said.

He didn't ever want to make her uncomfortable. So if he ever said anything that did so, he hoped she would let him know. He glanced back at the fire, soon pulling the pot away from the flames and setting it on the floor.

"There. The food should be warmed up enough for you. I can't promise it'll taste any better though." he said. They were rations after all. They weren't known for tasting great.
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 As much as Sylvia tried to fit in with the other cadets, there was too much class divide between them for her to be ever truly able to cross. Even if she had not behaved so disastrously the first day as a cadet, her accent, posture and general behaviour surely would have labelled her as other.

She had a choice to fight though, she could have stayed home and taken advantage of wealth, of nobility, of the family's connections and influence to simply stay behind. But she hadn't. Unfortunately, it did not count for everything since she had not suffered, meat was a regular part of the diet, she never lacked for anything... Save for friends, real friends. Money and power could never buy those. She found them in the military, Reiner, Annie her best friend, Bert who sort of came with Reiner.

"I think feeding Sasha alone would bankrupt me." She chuckled, imagining Sasha's reaction to the good food in particular the meat. "It doesn't bother me." She admitted quietly. "It is just uncommon... It is hard to explain."

She glanced at him, to the food and then to his hand. "Are you certain that did not hurt?" Surely he must have harmed himself with the heat. "Thank you." She then added. "You have to eat too. We'll need the energy to continue after this rain stops or tomorrow morning." She agreed that their rations would not taste particularly good, but the alternative was a growling stomach. Anything beat that.
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I think feeding Sasha alone would bankrupt me.

Reiner chuckled and gave a small nod. "You have a point there." It was rather incredible how much Sasha could eat in one day. He couldn't think of anyone else within their class that was more obsessed with food than she was. So perhaps leaving her out of any future dinner plans would be wise. Especially if Sylvia was planning on bringing out any meat.

It is just uncommon... It is hard to explain.

Reiner turned his gaze to the smaller woman. What was uncommon for her? Compliments? He understood that. Around the 104th, he was used to receiving praise and compliments. Back home however, that was another story. He was an Eldian. Same as his friends. Praise was rare back home unless it came from family and friends.

"You'll adjust to it." he said, offering a faint smile towards her. After all, it had been a year already since she joined training. Surely she was having an easier time fitting in with the other cadets now. She wasn't a noble amongst them. She was just another trainee for the military.

Are you certain that did not hurt?

Reiner cast a glance down to his hand and then back up at her. "No, I'm fine." he said. After all, it was just a little heat. It wasn't all that bad, he's had much worse in the past. He was just glad she hadn't severely harmed herself.

You have to eat too.

Reiner merely shrugged, taking a seat on the floor by the fire. "I'm alright Sylvia. Worry about yourself." After all, she needed the energy and rest far more than he did. He was used to sleepless nights and trudging through the rain. She wasn't. The last thing he wanted was for Sylvia to be falling asleep on her feet when they had to start moving again. If she could get a few hours of rest here, he'd feel better about it.