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Messages - Nanaba (Lou)

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Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Camp Crashing
« on: November 11, 2018, 07:03:15 AM »
"This is the first generation since the Wall fell,"

She thought about Gunther's words as they rode into camp, the small group slowing their pace as they drew near.  It was indeed different from when she was a cadet -- everyone took comfort in the fact that the walls stood higher than any titan and that it as was unbreachable. Many of those who enlisted joined the ranks of the garrison for an easy and safe paycheck. Now even the garrison was not safe from the potential threat of the titans.  They formed several different squads to take on titans, developed new technology, and created new strategies in hopes that next time they will be able to do better. 

Today it does not matter what branch they choose; these cadets train for next time the titans come crashing through the walls. These cadets are the result of older generations not being prepared. 

What failures they were.

Under her hood, she narrowed her eyes at the instructor. He was certainly -- interesting. What was even more interesting was Luke's behavior and fondness towards the instructor. It was all interesting.  Though not being one to judge others, especially after first meetings, she held her tongue and thoughts, letting her commander be the passer of judgment. 

Prodigy or not, the man was an instructor and she cared little what HE could do, but rather what he produced.  It was one thing if he could use ODM gear on the same level Levi and Mike, but it mattered not if he could not teach.  She hoped for the sake of the those who wanted to join their ranks that Luke was correct and they wouldn't be let down.

 Following her commander and the others, she pulled her hood forward a tad ensure her face remained hidden and waited for what was to come next.   

OOC: Sorry lame but just needed to stay caught up with Nanaba. Kieran reply coming next.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Camp Crashing
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:38:16 PM »
It was a change in routine - at least for Nanaba, it was. Training and meetings were routine, but not riding along with commander Erwin to check out the next batch of cadets.  Apparently, there were a high number of enthusiastic cadets just biting at the bit to join up with the Scouts. Nanaba found this interesting, but not something to worry over.  Erwin was not the type to dismiss anything as interesting, the years of serving alongside the commander taught her that much.

"Yes, Commander!" Nanaba replied as she steered Bumble to tighten the formation. 

Coming up to the side of Luke's horse, Nanaba listened to the scout's comment about candy and cadets. She didn't understand why Luke insisted on bribing cadets with expensive treats, it is not like they were paid a handsome wage in the first place, but at least Luke cared about new recruits, and that was something that they will need if they choose to join their ranks. The Scouting regiment could be hard for new recruits.

 "Let's hope this bunch knows better than to take candy from a stranger as well." Nanaba smiled under her hood as she shifted her hold on the reins.  The impending storm nipped at their heels, and the wind reached out with invisible hands towards them threatening to grab and consume them, but with commander Erwin pushing them forward, Nanaba knew the storm did not stand a chance. Squeezing her calves into Bumble's side, she slackened the reins and clucked to get him to move faster - a command the gelding did not mind indulging.

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