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Getting Started / Rules
« on: May 01, 2017, 02:17:10 AM »


  • Always be considerate and inclusive of others.
  • Harassing or bullying behaviour is not acceptable.  If there is ever any issue, please message a staff member (either via the private messaging system here on the forum, or over Discord) so that it can be addressed quickly.
  • Respectful behaviour should extend from the forum itself into the chatbox (no spamming or advertising in there, by the way).  Please avoid mentioning any potential spoilers from the manga, some people are only aware of the developments revealed in the anime so far.  The tagbox is optional and purely for notifying partners of replies and/or promoting open threads. All you need do is paste the link in, the box will automatically format it to show as [link].


  • Avatars measure 100 x 100.
  • You will need an OOC account, registered under your alias.  This should be the first account you register (due to issues with spam, this will be approved by staff) after which you need to post in our OOC sign up thread to have the category changed.  Once your OOC account is in place, you can make your first character's subaccount (check our subaccount guide if you need assistance with this) and post an application (a WIP counts) within one week, otherwise your OOC account will be returned to the New Recruit category and eventually deleted.
  • There is no limit on how many characters you can have (it is up to you to judge how many you can manage).  In the interests of fairness, we naturally ask that members please refrain from choosing more than 1 main or pivotal canon. We currently classify the following as being pivotal: Annie Leonhardt, Armin Arlert, Bertholdt Hoover, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Reiner Braun. This list is subject to change but amendments will never affect characters already in play.
  • Each character must be registered under their own separate subaccounts (please see the subaccount guide).  Register the subaccount in your character's name, using Title Case and including any necessary accents. First name should precede the surname.
  • If you reserve a canon character you must post their character application (WIPs are acceptable) within two weeks, otherwise the reservation will expire and the character will be made available to others once more.
  • You have two weeks from the day you initially post a work in progress (WIP) character application to complete it, otherwise it will be archived.  Similarly, if you are asked to make edits to an application, you will have one week to do so. This is to keep the applications board tidy and up-to-date.  If you require longer, you need only notify a member of staff (via PM, the chatbox or Discord) or post in your application. To unarchive an application, notify staff and let them know which application(s) you wish to have reactivated/moved.
  • If you initially post your character application as a WIP, please post a reply in the thread to make it clear to staff that it is complete and ready for review.
  • The structure of application templates should not be changed.  Additional headers or lyrics may be added, but no sections or images can be removed.
  • It is possible to reserve play-bys/face claims by posting in the face claim thread (you should do this before posting a WIP application as only reservations made in this thread can be honoured).  Face claims can be from anime, manga, video games or other media, as long as they are of a suitably animanga-like style. Each player may reserve up to a maximum of three faces at a time and each reservation will last for two weeks. During this time an application must be posted for the proposed character (even a WIP application will suffice).  Should the application be archived the face reservation will expire but if an extension is applied the face reservation will last as long as the application is in progress (WIP applications will be archived if they have been sitting unfinished for one full activity check).
  • Titan-shifter characters are required to have two accounts, one registered under their character’s human name, the other registered under their Titan name.  Each account must post an application; there are separate templates for human characters, and a character’s Titan form.  Both applications need to be approved before the character can be considered in play.  Given their powerful nature, OC Titan-shifters are permanently on our cap list (see the end of this post) and staff must be consulted before the application process.  A character’s Titan form may use pictures from the anime/manga, suitable art from other media, or commissioned artwork (or artwork where the artist consents to its usage, and credit is given).
  • Canon characters are expected to make at least one post per activity check (two calendar months); this does not apply to original characters. In the event that you are going to be inactive for a time, please let us know via the absences board.  Your post should include an estimated return date. Where a return date isn't supplied, a hiatus will be considered lapsed after two activity checks (four calendar months). At this time, character claims will expire.
  • Please do not make perfect, all-powerful or Mary Sue characters.  Everyone has flaws or weaknesses, it's what makes us interesting - and the same goes for your characters!  Similarly, please make sure that they fit in with the canon world. Although we are AU in nature, we still wish to preserve the gritty, realistic atmosphere of the Attack on Titan universe.
  • Please contact a staff member if you wish to shelve or drop a character.  Shelving is for characters that you wish to take a break from (whether due to low muse, time constraints, etc.) but sincerely intend to pick up again in future.  Dropping is for a character you have no longer have any desire to play. Canon characters can only be dropped, not shelved, as there may be others wishing to play them.  Shelved characters will still appear in character directories, marked with their shelved status, but not on the face claims list. This is because shelved character play-bys are available to be claimed by others.  Also be aware that if you are inactive for a period of many weeks, and fail to respond to the activity-related PM(s) sent, your characters will be counted as dropped and removed from the lists - though they can still be easily retrieved if you decide to return. If someone else takes your character's face claim while they are shelved/dropped, you must find a new one.
  • If using Discord, we ask that your nickname in the server be the same as your OOC name on site, or similar enough to make you easily identifiable.


  • Reluctant Heroes uses liquid time, which means you can thread any events from the past, either before the fall of Wall Maria or from previous seasons and arcs.  However, threads set in the future, beyond the current season, are not permitted.
  • Please make an effort to use grammar and punctuation properly and avoid chat speak entirely!
  • We have no word count, instead stressing quality over quantity.
  • No god-modding.  That means you cannot play or kill another person's character without their permission.
  • Reluctant Heroes is rated 15+ and members are required to use the tagging system to ensure others can safely and happily navigate the threads.
  • Any posts 18+ in nature must be posted in the mature board. The mature board is visible only to members aged 18 and over whose access has been approved by a member of the staff team. In order to view and post in the mature board you must first add your date of birth to your OOC account profile, so that we can verify your age, and then request mature group membership (this needs to be done with each character you wish to have access to the board).  For more details on how to go about this, see our mature board guide.


  • OC Titan-shifters; characters will be able to inherit powers in the future

Getting Started / Plot
« on: May 01, 2017, 02:16:33 AM »

Welcome to Reluctant Heroes!  We are an alternate universe (AU) roleplay set in the world of Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, one populated by both canon and original characters.

Our plot begins mere weeks after the fall of Wall Maria, the events leading up to which mirror the canon.  Shiganshina District has been lost and mankind has been reminded of the fragility of their existence, the sense of security the Walls gave them now shattered.

A wave of refugees has poured behind Wall Rose, putting pressure on the food supply and other resources.  In desperation, many of these survivors are being forced to work the fields in exchange for meagre rations, and conscription has been introduced.  Children of various backgrounds, all between the ages of twelve and seventeen, are being drafted into the military.  Three years of hardship and brutal training looming ahead of them.  Unlike in the canon, the cadets of Reluctant Heroes are all thrust together into one large unit, and will travel to different regions throughout their training.

This all takes place against a backdrop of political stirrings.  Those in power are exercising their control over the masses, commanding obedience from the Military Police.  The Garrison are under pressure to reinforce Wall Rose, while the Survey Corps – who sacrificed many lives in the futile defence of Wall Maria – have long been the subject of scorn.

From this point, Reluctant Heroes is a retelling, the direction of which will be shaped by both site-wide and character-driven plots.  How can mankind ever hope to triumph over the Titans?

Claims / Canon List
« on: May 01, 2017, 02:15:45 AM »

If you reserve a canon character, you must post their character application (WIPs are acceptable) within two weeks, otherwise the reservation will expire.  If there’s a canon you would like to play that doesn’t appear on the list, please don’t hesitate to post below – we realise this list isn’t exhaustive!  As there are generally different spellings for each character’s name, you are welcome to choose which you prefer, as well as create surnames for those canon characters who are currently without.  Also bear in mind that, in the Reluctant Heroes retelling, all cadets are trained together in one large unit, rather than in separate divisions.

  • Characters in bold are available.
  • Characters in italics are reserved.
  • Characters that are struck have been taken.


Annie Leonhardt
Armin Arlert
Bertholdt Hoover
Boris Feulner
Connie Springer
Eren Jaeger
Franz Kefka
Hannah Diamant
Hitch Dreyse
Jean Kirschtein
Krista Lenz
Marco Bott
Marlowe Freudenberg
Mikasa Ackerman
Mina Carolina
Mylius Zeramuski
Nack Tierce
Reiner Braun
Ruth Kline
Samuel Jackson
Sasha Braus
Thomas Wagner


Carly Stratmann
Dimo Reeves
Elliot G. Stratmann
Flegel Reeves
Marie Dok
Minister Nick


Anka Rheinberger
Dot Pixis
Ian Dietrich
Kitz Weilman
Mitabi Jarnach
Rico Brzenska


Darius Zackly


Colt Grice
Falco Grice
Gabi Braun
Karina Braun
Lara Tybur
Mr. Leonhardt
Pieck Finger
Porco Galliard
Theo Magath
Willy Tybur
Zeke Jaeger


Dennis Aiblinger
Djel Sannes
Kenny Ackerman
Nile Dok
Traute Caven

Nicholas Lovof


Rod Reiss
King Fritz


Abel ‘Goggles’
Darius Walbrunn
Dita Ness
Eld Jinn
Erwin Smith
Gunther Schultz
Hanji Zoë
Levi Ackerman
Luke Cis
Mike Zacharias
Moblit Berner
Oluo Bozado
Petra Ral


Claude Duvalier
Keith Shadis




Dot Pixis | Daydream | 16 February
Rico Brzenska | hangesglasses | 23 February

To reserve a canon character, please complete and post the following code:

Code: [Select]
[color=#000000]Canon Name[/color] | Your Alias
Colour key:

  • Cadet (#DE9C9C)
  • Civilian (#40BF40)
  • Deceased (#393A3C)
  • Garrison (#CF6E6E)
  • Government Official (#9CBDDE)
  • Marleyan (#DEDE9C)
  • Military Police (#80BF40)
  • Noble (#BFBF40)
  • Royal (#4040BF)
  • Survey Corps (#4080BF)
  • Titan (#E0E0E0)
  • Training Corps (#BF8040)

Getting Started / OOC Sign Up
« on: May 01, 2017, 02:12:11 AM »

Greetings!  When you first join Reluctant Heroes, you need to register with your OOC (Out of Character) account under your preferred alias.  To prevent spam, this will need to be approved by staff.  Once activated, post in this thread as you won’t be able to make your character subaccount(s) until your OOC account has been granted the correct permissions.  Please note that subaccounts do not require admin approval.  You can see our subaccounts guide for further instructions on their creation.

You must post a character application within one week (even the bare bones of a WIP will do!) of the OOC account having its permissions granted, otherwise it will be changed back to the ‘New Recruit’ member group and eventually deleted.  One week extensions can be requested if you need more time. ♥

Getting Started / Creating Subaccounts
« on: May 01, 2017, 02:03:20 AM »

To create or link a subaccount, first navigate to the profile of your OOC account.  OOC accounts act as the parent and it’s through them alone that subaccounts are managed.  From here, hover over ‘Modify Profile’ and then click on ‘Manage Subaccounts’.

On the page this takes you to, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Create/Link’.

If linking an existing account, put the name of the character in the first box, followed by the password in each of the boxes below.  Click ‘Create/Link’ – et voilà, your accounts should now be connected!  Alternatively, if you are creating a new account, simply enter the name you wish your account to have in the first box, then enter your chosen password into the two following boxes.  Finally, click ‘Create/Link’.

When you have multiple accounts, a drop-down box will appear at the top right of the forum, entitled ‘Switch Account’.  This will allow you to change quickly between your accounts.  You can also do this when replying to a thread, as you are given the option of choosing which account to post from.  By default, it will post as your parent account, which should be your OOC alias.

Getting Started / Accessing the Mature Board
« on: May 01, 2017, 01:55:37 AM »

How to request access:

  • You must have your date of birth visible in your OOC account profile.  We are trusting you to give a correct date of birth and providing false information is considered a violation of the community’s rules.
  • Please note that the mature board is still a part of the canon, so can only be used as part of your own character developments.
  • Only characters aged eighteen and over (by the site’s current season) will be granted access.
  • To make the request, go to your account’s profile → modify profile → group membership in which it will show you which groups you are already a part of.  If you scroll down, there will be a mature group option and, next to that, a ‘request’ button.
  • Once you have clicked this button, you will be asked to give a reason for your request; here you must write further confirmation that you are at least eighteen years of age.
  • Now all that’s left to do is sit and wait for a member of staff to accept your request!  Please be aware that you will need to make the request for each individual account/character that you wish to have access.

Once your request is accepted:

  • You will see the new board and can roleplay there straight away.  If you are wanting to write with certain people, then you will need to make sure they’ve requested and/or been granted access themselves.

Advertising / Affiliate with us!
« on: May 01, 2017, 01:43:26 AM »
If you are interested in affiliating with us, you must have our button displayed on your page before you request.  Note that we display our affiliates statically in our sidebar, which is visible throughout the entire forum.  In return, we expect our button to be static and placed in a similarly prominent location.

Code: [Select]
<a href="http://reluctant-heroes.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://reluctant-heroes.com/Themes/default/images/banners/affiliate.png" alt="Reluctant Heroes" border="0" /></a>

Claims / Face Claims
« on: May 01, 2017, 01:37:09 AM »

Playby reservations last for two weeks and you may have up to three at once.  During this time, an application must be posted for the proposed character – even a WIP application will suffice.  Should the application be archived, the face reservation will expire, but if an extension is applied the face reservation will last as long as the application is in progress (WIP applications will be archived if they have been sitting unfinished for one full activity check).  Only reservations made in this thread can be honoured.  Face claims can be from anime, manga or other media, as long as they are of a suitably animanga-like style.

A Trail of Blood / Chi no Wadachi // Seiichi Osabe | Damien Nyström
Akagami no Shirayukihime // Zen Wistaria | Quirin Drexler
Aldnoah Zero // Nina Klein | Natalie Matthews
Amagi Brilliant Park // Kanie Seiya | Razahir Kōri
Asterisk War // Julis Reissfield | Kara Brooks
Berserk // Serpico | Rat
Blood Blockade Battlefront // Steven A. Starphase | Tristan Lochte
Blood Blockade Battlefront // Toby McLachlan | Erick Rötter
Chihayafuru // Shinobu Wakamiya | Struna Mayberry
Darling in the Franxx // Ichigo | Claude Larsen
Death Note // L Lawliet | Percy Strickland
Death Note // Raye Penber | Farran Falkenrath
Fire Force // Iris | Rosabelle Eloheim
Flying Witch // Makoto Kowata| Isabella Menken
Free! // Makoto Tachibana | Dalton Lightbody
Fullmetal Alchemist // King Bradley| Hugo Baptiste
Girls Und Panzer // Miho Nishizumi | Yuri Aximand
Joker Game // Kaminaga | Severin Wildner
Kara no Kyoukai // Touko Aozaki | Laria Rockfield
Katekyo Hitman Reborn // Yuni| Cass Mason
Kimi no Na wa // Mitsuha Miyamizu | Mara Sonnenschein
The Irregular at Magic High School // Shiba Tatsuya | Kilian Richter
My Little Monster // Natsume Asako | Alice Stamper
Noragami // Yato | Sebastian Schwarz
One Punch Man // Fubuki | Alise Waldenberg
Owari no Seraph // Guren Ichinose | Jarek Valdeze
Pacific Rim: The Black // Hayley Travis | Else Stein
Parasyte: The Maxim // Kazuyumi Izumi | Cain Ritter
Seven Deadly Sins // Elizabeth Liones | Mia Kaster
Super GALS! // Aya Hoshino | Hilda Meissner
Sword Art Online // Asuna | Sylvia Charpentier
Sword Art Online // Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya) | Axel Falkenrath
Sword Art Online // Sachi | Michelle Whitaker
Tari Tari // Atsuhiro Maeda (Wien) | Kade Howitt
Tokyo Ghoul // Akira Mado | Beatrix Drexler
Touhou // Kirisame Marisa | Aderyn Rossi
Valkyria Chronicles 4 // Claude Wallace | Alexander Bouvier
Valkyria Chronicles // Ramona Linton | Elizabeth O'Hara
Violet Evergarden // Luculia Marlborough | Elenor Frey
Violet Evergarden // Oscar Webster | René Alfons
Wolf's Rain // Blue | Calista Falkreath
Youjo Senki // William Douglas Drake | Kirenenko Antonov
Yuri!!! on Ice // Yuri Plisetsky | Rosin Köhler



Code for making a reservation:

Code: [Select]
[color=#000000][i]Anime, manga or game series[/i][/color] // Face Claim Name | Your Alias
Code for making a claim, once the relevant character has been approved:

Code: [Select]
[color=#000000][i]Anime, manga or game series[/i][/color] // Face Claim Name | [url=LINK TO CHARACTER ACCOUNT]Character Name[/url]
Colour key:

  • Cadet (#DE9C9C)
  • Civilian (#40BF40)
  • Deceased (#393A3C)
  • Garrison (#CF6E6E)
  • Government Official (#9CBDDE)
  • Marleyan (#DEDE9C)
  • Military Police (#80BF40)
  • Noble (#BFBF40)
  • Royal (#4040BF)
  • Survey Corps (#4080BF)
  • Titan (#E0E0E0)
  • Training Corps (#BF8040)

Pages: 1 ... 17 18 [19]

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Site banner, advert image and affiliate button created by Moon Child

Reluctant Heroes is in no way affiliated with Shingeki no Kyojin, Attack on Titan or Funimation and we give full credit to Hajime Isayama. Copyrights and trademarks for the manga and anime are held by their respective owners while all original content remains the property of the individual writers and artists.

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