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Wanted Ads / True Disciples [Micah's Goons]
« Last post by gehrig002 on March 28, 2022, 07:38:42 PM »


A leading official in the Church of the Walls is Micah McNamara, a less than savory character with ties to bad people, who somehow routinely manages to outshine them all in pure awfulness. Everything a bishop should be- he is not. With no prior knowledge on the man, most would sooner assume him to be a crime lord than a man of the Lord.

As such, it is only fitting for a man of such high status and social detestability to surround himself with underlings, those he trusts to do his bidding when and where he needs them.


Lautrec Vera
Suggested face claim- Noatak from Legend of Korra
  • 26-34 years old. Lautrec is a hitman above all else, who's jobs include intimidation, battery, and in the most serious of cases- murder. He works for Micah to dispose of those the Bishop deems fit to die, whether because of a personal grievance against them, or a more professional feud that Micah simply can't be bothered with any longer.

Percy Strickland
Suggested face claim- L from Death Note
  • 18-22 years old. A spy by trade, Percy is one of the linchpins in Micah's entire information trade. Being young and slim, he makes for an ideal snoop, by eavesdropping, gathering intelligence, and reporting it all back to his superior. Also quite an impressionable person, Percy buys into Micah's ego as much as the Bishop does for himself, truly viewing the older man as superior than most others. Taken!

Ori Ratcliffe
Suggested face claim- Yami Sukehiro from Black Clover
  • 20-30 years old. Ori is Micah's personal protection, a bodyguard for the most important religious official in the southern territories. Few regular men possess strength that matches this lumbering figure, but where his indomitable might takes center stage, Ori is rather lacking in the realm of intelligence, making him easily manipulated by the man he guards.

Jeremiah Parr
Suggested face claim- Kotetsu Kaburagi from Tiger and Bunny
  • 25-30 years old. The man Micah trusts with money, Jeremiah helps to manage Micah's illicit endeavors. These include money laundering from various contraband smuggling through church donations and funneling cash into the Military Police for varying returns on investment. There are few associates Micah has as much trust in.

Claims / Re: Canon List
« Last post by gehrig002 on March 27, 2022, 08:57:29 PM »
Reserved for you Cid!

Claims / Re: Canon List
« Last post by Cid42 on March 27, 2022, 07:58:37 PM »
Erwin Smith | Cid42

Reiner was glad the girl had been able to stand. She didn't appear to be harmed in any way, which came as a relief to him. As much as he told himself he shouldn't care about her, he couldn't shake the feeling of needing to check up on her later. He just hoped Bertholdt or Annie wouldn't give him a hard time about this later. He had a feeling they wouldn't take kindly in knowing he was worried about their enemies.

Despite a few feet being between them, Reiner had been able to catch Sylvia's gaze wandering over to him. His breath caught in his throat as their eyes met. The sunlight reflected beautifully in her hazel eyes. Really getting a good look at her now, she was stunning. Reiner felt a bit of heat rising to his cheeks and he quickly averted his gaze from Sylvia, mentally scolding himself.

The last thing he needed was to start thinking that way about her. He didn't know Sylvia. They weren't friends. He didn't need to start forming attachments to anyone here, least of all trying to get romantically involved with anyone. It would only prove to be detrimental to their mission in the long run.

Reiner didn't have long to be wrapped up in his thoughts since Shadis had come to stand in front of him. Great...he was next on the list to be berated. Very well then, he could handle whatever the instructor threw at him. Offering up a salute, Reiner fixated his gaze on Keith's.

Name and place of origin, Cadet!

"Reiner Braun, sir!" Reiner said, his voice steady and clear. Thank whatever god was out there that he had undergone military training in the past. Or else he'd never be able to maintain his composure under such an imposing man. "I come from a small village in the mountains Southeast in Wall Maria."

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Lost (Reiner)
« Last post by Reiner Braun on February 13, 2022, 11:21:05 AM »
Though all the same it would be rude of me not to invite her.

Well, perhaps she had a point there. If Sylvia ever invited the entirety of the 104th class to her place for dinner, it wouldn't be right to leave out Sasha. She was a good friend, but her appetite always got the best of her. Oh well. It wasn't that big of a deal. Reiner had his doubts that Sylvia even felt comfortable hanging out with the entire class to begin with.

After all, who even were her friends? Just Annie? And possibly Bertholdt somewhat? Sylvia was a sweet girl, and she seemed to get along well with just about everyone. But, Reiner wouldn't deny that there probably were some cadets amongst them that had ill intentions towards her.

After all, as the daughter of a noble, she had wealth and power, even if she never used it. She had connections most others would never have on their own. He wouldn't be surprised if others tried to use her.

Selfishly, he had tried to in the past as well. She had been their only lead in learning about the interior and the royal family. Whatever Reiner hoped to gain from this friendship, he knew it should only be related to his mission. But...recently he found he enjoyed Sylvia's company. Not because of what information she could offer them. But because he genuinely had a good time talking to her and being by her side.

Shadis made it obvious I was the rich girl at the start.

Reiner frowned at that, shaking his head. "Sylvia, you know you're so much more than just a rich girl." he stated. Her wealth and noble status shouldn't be what defined her. She had so much more to offer then just wealth or power. If he were being honest, her hobby in reading poetry and stories was adorable. Her knowledge of wild foliage was extensive and quite impressive. She was a good friend, always looking out for others. No one should ever take advantage of her.

"I know you can handle yourself if you have to. But...I'll admit it bothered me seeing Shadis handle you that way during our induction. I hope he didn't hurt you or insult you too badly." Reiner murmured. It may have been a year ago already, but he still probably wouldn't forgive Keith for that, even if it was part of his job to weed out the weaker cadets who couldn't handle training.

He would have been in trouble if he had stepped in. But, he might have if Keith kept up the way he did with her.

Maybe we can get you to punch down the Armored Titan and then you will be the hero that saved us all.

Reiner merely looked towards the fire, letting out a quiet laugh,  though he felt a twinge of pain at her statement. If only he could. But, he had a mission to complete, as much as it pained him to think about nowadays. He had grown to care for most of their comrades. He had made genuine friends during this past year of training. It wasn't making the future any easier to think about.

"Sure. While I'm at it, I could take on the Colossal Titan as well." Reiner offered, glancing back towards Sylvia and offering her a gentle smile. That was a blatant lie, he wasn't any match against the Colossal Titan, even in his titan form. And to be fair, he wasn't sure he could take on Bertholdt either. The guy was meek and held back during training, but he knew what his friend was truly capable of. Still, he could at least joke around with Sylvia.

Well at least eat some of this with me.

Reiner only watched as she forced herself to eat some of the food, laughing gently at her wince. Some master of deceit she was. But, he could hardly blame her. After growing up with the finest foods, the rations probably did taste horrible to her. "Sylvia, you need to keep your strength up. Whatever you don't finish, I'll have for myself." he said. At least that way she wouldn't have to worry about him going hungry for the night. But he wanted her to worry about herself first.

Training Corps Barracks & Grounds / Re: Lost (Reiner)
« Last post by Sylvia Charpentier on February 13, 2022, 10:55:18 AM »
"Though all the same it would be rude of me not to invite her." Sylvia let out a quiet sigh as she wondered about how difficult it might be to transport them all to her estate for a party. It may be easier to rent or buy a building behind Wall Rose and see if that made it any easier. Plus she suspected certain guests might decline to attend Eren came to mind and perhaps Jean.

"Maybe, I still worry that you all are only friends with me because of who my parents are. Shadis made it obvious I was the rich girl at the start." She muttered quietly, though to be fair, her accent and surname did a good job of that by herself. Also in the early days, before she learned to march, she walked differently, moving well like a lady.

"I swear you are armored sometimes." Sylvia smiled at him, glad he was not hurt. "Maybe we can get you to punch down the Armored Titan and then you will be the hero that saved us all." It was an amusing thought, Reiner there, alone atop a mound of rubble, perhaps shirt torn staring up at the armored monster before taking it down with a well placed upper cut.

"Well at least eat some of this with me." Sylvia insisted, not willing to let the point go. She popped a spoonful of the stuff in her mouth and winced at the taste though did not complain as she chewed. "It's... Good." She lied poorly. She wished for her chef's lamb in plum sauce or duck in red wine.

 Whatever she had been expected to say, she did not need to use her impressive intellect to figure out she had said the wrong things. Perhaps speaking at all had been a mistake? Then again not answering also would have been a mistake. He was right on the money about the fancy home, the servants, though he left out the small force of well trained bodyguards her family kept as security.

He suddenly snatched her wrist in a vice like grip, she winced in pain at the pressure, but to her credit did not cry out. He continued his rant. his rave and Sylvia just merely took it but he was wrong about her. He was wrong about her, she would not let him kick her out simply because of who her parents were, just because her father possessed more money than everyone here combined could imagine.

At least being muddy was familiar, memories of working in the vineyards and greenhouses, seeing the various plants and learning about them from her father came back. Though she shuddered at the thoughts that others might think she wore silk undergarments. Sylvia did of course, they were comfortable and well... That was none of their business.

She scrambled back to her feet, blushing, embarrassed and perhaps humiliated. "Sir yes sir!" Sylvia shot back, not wanting to voice the real reason that she wanted to decide her own future and not live a life everyone here would gladly murder anyone to get or marry anyone for.

Sylvia tried not to notice how the tall handsome farm hand looking boy appeared to be struggling to contain himself over how Shadis had been treating her. Amusement perhaps? Or maybe he thought it not proper? She had found her eyes wandering to him before Shadis formed them all up and launched his lightning assault on them all. Shadis had also seen this and like a predator stalking wounded prey leapt into the assault.

There was a logic to this vicious initiation that, to outsiders who are unfamiliar with the military or new recruits still quivering in their boots, was not entirely obvious.  The instructor was not only trying to weed out the weakest links, nor was he only trying to tear them all down to their basest selves to build up later.  He was intentionally serving as the external threat that was attacking the entire group, which as any student of basic human psychology will tell you, by serving as that threat to collective well-being the cadets would have only two options.  Hyper atomize, and pray that their number wasn’t brought up so they could simply survive the ordeal, or band together collectively to ensure their survival even when things were at their toughest.  The former option Keith had to ensure was not a valid route in their minds, by attacking each one systematically and carefully.  That left them only the latter, which over the course of the next three years, the only way to accomplish would be to work together to become proper soldiers.

But it was not three years from now.  The banding together was going to happen in the quiet hours of the barracks when they were talking about what they had just undergone.  Or in later field exercises as they worked together to surmount physical and mental obstacles.  Before all that could ever happen, before they could dream of working together, they all had to endure the trial before them.  For as vicious as Chief Instructor Shadis might appear, what they would be facing collectively in the future would be far more terrifying.  The last few months had been ample proof of that.

Seeing Reiner’s jaw clench up as he stood alongside Sylvia, then seeing the boy appear almost smug at some other thought, he tilted his head for a brief second, before pivoting, stepping towards him, stopping and pivoting to face the boy.  “Careful not to hurt yourself there, boy.  Why don’t you loosen some of that mental burden by sharing to the corps what’s on your mind.  Or are you as stupid as you look and those farmboy muscles constrict what blood your two remaining braincells desperately need to form a sentence.  Name and place of origin, Cadet!”

Today was finally the day that Reiner and his friends would officially be inducted into the Cadet Corps for the military. Lined up amongst the rest of the new cadets, Reiner finally got to have a proper look at those he would be calling his “comrades”. For a time, at least. His true mission in joining the military wasn’t anything as noble as wanting to reclaim the territory within Wall Maria or beyond. If he had to hazard a guess, he would say that is why half of the new trainees were here. To reclaim their lost home. Just how many had been from Shiganshina District that day? How many family members amongst these cadets had he been responsible for killing?

Reiner didn’t allow those thoughts to last long. After all, these people were his enemies. He shouldn’t be feeling any amount of sympathy for them. If he spent all this time dwelling on his actions of Wall Maria’s downfall, he’d only crumble under the guilt of now being surrounded by his victims. He was here for one thing alone, to get into the Military Police along with Bertholdt and Annie. This was the easiest way to go about this.

Despite the nerves rising in him, he knew deep down that they’d be alright. After all, it wasn’t like him and the other two didn’t already endure years of military training, if only for a different purpose. Even if they were raised differently, this military training shouldn’t be any less familiar.

As soon as Instructor Shadis made his appearance, Reiner stiffened, if only for a brief moment. Although nothing alike in appearance, Keith was the spitting image of Commander Magath. They both held a stern, fiery look in their eyes. And Keith’s teardown of the new cadets were no different then the insults thrown their way when Reiner and the others were training to become warrior candidates. At least the military here seemed well instructed if nothing else. That would be good to know going forward, even if the people of Paradis were ultimately powerless in stopping him and the others.

After Keith had finished berating one of the cadets, Alexander, he had moved onto another. Sylvia Charpentier. She had been a girl who had caught Reiner’s eye more times then he wanted to admit in the while the cadets had been waiting for the induction to begin. Not because she was beautiful or anything like that. At least, that’s what he had been telling himself since he first laid eyes on her.

I'm from Wall Sina sir! I'm here to take back Wall Maria.

Wall Sina? Well now, that was certainly worth his attention. Only nobles seemed to hail from the interior. Or at least, upstanding, rich citizens. She was no doubt the daughter of a noble then. Perhaps she or her family had intimate knowledge about the royal family. It was unlikely Sylvia herself would know anything about the Founding Titan. Still, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to get close to her in the future and see if she could share anything. She would surely be of use going forward.

Reiner clenched his jaw however once Keith snatched Sylvia's wrist. He shouldn’t care about what happens to her, but something tugged at him at seeing how she was being treated. Perhaps it was just because she was a girl. Regardless of being an enemy or not, it bothered him to see her treated with anything but care.

He’d like to see the instructor pull a stunt like that with Annie. Reiner almost scoffed at that thought. If he so much as looked at Annie wrong, Keith would be flat on his ass before he even knew what hit him. Annie wouldn’t put up with playing nice with Keith or their new fellow comrades, he knew that much. Either that, or Bertholdt would step up and defend Annie. Bertholdt was shy and lacked confidence, but if Annie's safety was on the line, he knew his friend would pull through.

He needed information, first and foremost. And now, seeing Sylvia being dropped in the mud, he had made up his mind. He would check in on her later and see how she was holding up after all this. To get information of course…not because he was worried or anything like that.

Charpentier.  Like the wine.  Keith thought to himself, as his sunken, cold eyes studied the girl with what seemed to be little more than derision.  Posh accent, a look of quiet superiority that she likely didn’t even intend to show, posture that stood slightly straighter than your average recruit.  Keith knew this type, and he knew them all too well.  His eyes narrowed, and he seemed entirely unfazed by the nobly stated goal as he crossed his arms.

“Well I’ll be.  Looks like we got ourselves here a little Sina Savior!!  Ya here that boys and girls!?  One of your betters from on high has oh so nobly deigned to join the rest of us in the mud.  YOU AIN’T FOOLING ANYONE, YA LITTLE RUNT.” He bent down so he could now get eye level with her, his hands on his knees from how far he had to bend down, and continued his tear-down tirade.  “Fancy education and proper manners befitting a lady of the interior ain’t worth the silver spoon you’ve got so firmly shoved in your mouth when your face to face with a titan actively shoving you into theirs!  See I’ve seen your type, many times, and you know how your kind fare beyond the walls?  They freeze, they panic, they shit their silk undergarments and immediately transfer to safer posts, because at the end of the day, YOU’VE got a place to run back to.  A fancy home with vineyards and servants and embroidered sheets, safely removed from any real hardship.  Look at your hands!” He snatched her wrist and holds her up by her arm, studying her hand and scoffing when he saw no signs of callouses.  “Baby soft!  You ain’t worked a day in your life, have you!?  And now you’re going to tell me YOU’RE going to take back Wall Maria?  A place you’ve likely never seen, for people who couldn’t even get jobs picking grapes in that fancy vineyard that’s got your name?!”  Letting go and dropping her, he shook his head.  “GET BACK TO YOUR FEET.  The sooner you get honest with yourself as to why you’ve donned the uniform, the sooner you’ll stop being a noble brat playing at being the hero and function as though you’re worth a damn!  I ain’t holding my breathe though.” 

Staring down at the now somewhat muddy cadet, Keith attempted to take the measure of her.  Would she cry?  Break down and run?  He’d seen it many times before, but he’s also seen quite a few inner wall cadets who ended up remarkable soldiers in their own right.  But today wasn’t about building any of these children back up.  Today was the day to see whether they could withstand the barrage and the stress of their new lives.

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