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Author Topic: Who Plays Who  (Read 9991 times)

Who Plays Who
« on: May 01, 2017, 02:17:57 AM »

Please complete and post the following code to have your alias and approved character(s) added to the list.

Code: [Select]
[center][url=link to OOC account here][u][b]Alias Here[/b][/u][/url]
[color=#000000]Character Name Here[/color][/center]

Aaron Winter
Alexis Argyris
Einarr Brandr
Embla Frei
Faolán Aue
Zen Arima

Amanda Marauder
Gideon Azulyss

Mike Zacharias

Alain Schröder
Avent Winter
Javier Renée
Malcolm Watanabe
Marjorie Hadley
Mercy Watanabe
Michael Whitaker
Rosebelle Renée

Bertholdt Hoover / Colossal Titan
Eelja Fythan
Shay Denin / Hiding Titan
Xavier Fythan
Zeke Jaeger / Beast Titan

Erwin Smith

Lydia Jugenherz

Alein Valdeze
Julia Carello
Meera Valdeze
Mercedes Carello
Miranda Carlstedt-Gaus
Saul Holloway
Siegfried Justica
Tamsin Spiegel

Lara Tybur / Warhammer Titan
Severin Wildner

Elias Drexler
Gabriel Durand
Levi Ackerman
Nile Dok

Beatrix Drexler
Elenor Frey
Jean Kirschtein
Kenny Ackerman

Pieck Finger

Lingwasta Manager
Cain Ritter
Erick Rötter
Kirenenko Antonov

Taura O'Sullivan

Kieran Ashmiller
Nanaba Hollins

Karina Reichart

Elizabeth O'Hara
Else Stein
Hitch Dreyse
Kara Brooks
Mia Kaster
Michelle Whitaker
Petra Ral
Rosabelle Eloheim / Sickle Titan
Sandra Hartmann
Sylvia Charpentier
Yuri Aximand

Connie Springer
Cressida Gynn

Clover Wimberly
Krista Lenz
Willy Tybur

Annie Leonhardt / Crystal Titan
Dalton Lightbody
Farran Falkenrath
Jarek Valdeze
Laria Rockfield
Marco Bott
Struna Mayberry

Cass Mason
Gabi Braun
Isabella Menken
Mina Carolina
Natalie Matthews
Rod Reiss
Zofia Reitsch

Hilda Meissner

Fabian Lacrois

Razahir Kōri

René Alfons

the dear hunter.
Aderyn Rossi
Alice Stamper
Armin Arlert
Rosin Köhler
Sebastian Schwarz

Sasha Braus

Colt Grice
Floch Forster
Hanji Zoë
Kilian Richter / Feral Titan
Marlowe Freudenberg
Moblit Berner
Reiner Braun / Armored Titan
Tristan Lochte

Mikasa Ackerman
Porco Galliard

Axel Falkenrath
Claude Larsen
Damien Nyström
Eren Jaeger / Attack Titan
Gunther Schultz
Gustav Volk
Kade Howitt
Mara Sonnenschein
Nack Tierce
Quirin Drexler
Ymir / Jaw Titan
Zora Sonnenschein

Alise Waldenberg

Colour key:

  • Cadet (#DE9C9C)
  • Civilian (#40BF40)
  • Deceased (#393A3C)
  • Garrison (#CF6E6E)
  • Government Official (#9CBDDE)
  • Marleyan (#DEDE9C)
  • Military Police (#80BF40)
  • Noble (#BFBF40)
  • Royal (#4040BF)
  • Survey Corps (#4080BF)
  • Titan (#E0E0E0)
  • Training Corps (#BF8040)
  • Shelved characters appear as struck out.
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Annie Leonhardt | Dalton Lightbody † | Farran Falkenrath
Jarek Valdeze | Laria Rockfield | Marco Bott | Struna Mayberry

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