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Author Topic: Site Guide  (Read 1269 times)

Site Guide
« on: November 08, 2019, 11:05:40 PM »

Please ensure that you have read the Rules as soon as possible, this gives you an excellent scope of what to do and what is allowed. This site guide is provided for ease of reading. Sometimes, the site may update in such a way that something's missing here - or a line becomes updated. If you notice this, please feel free to let us know!

Getting Started
> Create an account using the OOC name you'd like to be known as
-- A member of staff will approve your account (you should receive an email when) in due time.
> Post to the OOC Sign-Up thread to be sorted into your membergroup.
-- A member of staff will then mark your account as an OOC account, allowing you to create sub-accounts.

Character Creation
> Pick a character to create. If you'd like to create a canon character, please look at the Canon List for available characters.
-- Available to be created characters are those that have their names bolded.
> Check out the Face Claims topic to see which have already been claimed.
-- Artwork may be admissable, provided the artist has not explicitly stated that their artwork cannot be used by others or reposted. If an artist requests their artwork not be used / contacts the site, you will be asked to remove / replace any artwork used by them.
> If interested in writing characters requested by current members, check out the current Wanted Ads.
-- Please ensure the author of the wanted ad is aware of your interest. Most wanted ad creators love helping in the creative process and answering questions as well!
> Once you've picked a character to write, create a sub-account (use the Creating subaccounts topic as a guide) for your first character.
-- These are automatically approved and you can begin writing your character application.

> Pick your Application Template of choice, click Select All, and copy the code.
-- This is down to your preference.
> Start a new topic within the Application board. Title it with your character's name, and put 'WIP' in brackets if you post it before completion.
-- For example, a topic title would be "Jaylen Ponsen (WIP)" for an application in-progress, while a completed topic title would be "Jaylen Ponsen".
-- You can also select the prefix 'WIP' by using the dropdown menu next to 'Select Prefix'.
> Paste the application code and begin filling out the fields.
-- Please do not remove any fields (the text already there) or remove the images.
-- You do not need to supply an image where it asks for a URL, only if you'd like to.
> Complete the application. If you posted it as a WIP, remove the bracketed 'WIP' from the topic title and bump the topic by replying to your application stating it is complete.
-- For instance, replying to the topic with "Completed!" works fine. If you post your application already complete, ignore this step.
-- If you used the 'WIP' prefix, you can change it to 'COMPLETE'!
-- Please make sure the topic is posted by your character account, not your OOC account.
> Wait for staff approval.
-- If any edits need to be made, we will get in contact with you privately.
> Once accepted, your character account will be moved into the correct Directory sub-board (based on membergroup) and given the colour and membergroup of the correct group.
-- You can now begin posting! « Last Edit: January 20, 2020, 06:28:59 PM by Webs »

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Re: Site Guide
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2019, 10:12:18 PM »

Now that your character has been accepted, what do you do next? This section of the guide will cover plotting, starting topics, and other such things!

> Browse other characters' Plotters, which are sorted by member group
-- The Cadet Corps Through the Years list can also help see who your character (if in the military) might have trained with - don't forget to sign up your character
> Reply to plotters of those you'd like to write with
-- Try to suggest at least [1] idea for how they might interact, preferably [2]
-- Once you're ready to write together, ask who will start, or offer to start the topic yourself
> Create your own plotter
-- In the sub-board of your character's member group, start a new topic for their plotter
-- You can find templates in Webs' Plotter / Tracker Templates
-- You can find more information about plotters on this Roleplay 101 post

Roleplay Starters
> Once you've decided on something to write (whether a topic with someone else, or an 'open starter' for anybody to respond to, it's time to start your first thread!
-- Choose your setting - each board is its own setting, so if your roleplay takes place in the cadet corps, it would go in the Training Corps Barracks & Grounds
-- If your roleplay takes place within a Wall but outside of the districts or known villages, or you're unsure of its location, you can put it in the Wall (Wall Sina/Wall Rose) main board, which are for its territories
> Write your starter post
-- You may want to include any details for when it takes place, such as the date or year
-- It's optional whether you'd like to bold or colour your character's speech - you can use hex codes for colours
> Title your topic
-- A quote, excerpt from the starter, or any sort of saying works
-- You can include [Firstname] in brackets in the title to denote who the starter is for
> The [OPEN] and [EVENT] prefixes (found in the dropdown menu) can also be used
> Optionally, you can also include tags for characters, writer aliases, and settings

> The Events board contains ideas for festivals, 104th aptitude tests, and other site plots
-- Season 1 takes place in 845, Season 2 takes place in 846, and Season 3 takes place in 847
-- Most events are there as a backdrop to plots, or help your character meet others, so you can start them as you like or include them as a plot
-- Aptitude tests can help cadets work together with a solid goal; who your character pairs or groups with is up to you to plot or sign-up for
-- Some events have more of a sign-up 'roulette' system, where you respond to a plotting thread and ask to be paired or placed in a group with
-- The Assault on Utopia event is the primary site plot event involving the roulette system, where you can sign up to by replying to its plotting thread or contacting a member of staff
> Tag your partner
-- You can use the tagbox at the bottom of the site to say 'Starter for Character' along with a link (which automatically shows as [link])
-- On Discord, you can use the #tagbox channel and tag the writer of the other character along with a link « Last Edit: December 31, 2019, 10:14:08 PM by Webs »

Axel | Claude | Damien | ErenGustav | Gunther | Kade | Mara | Nack | Quirin | Ymir | Zora


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