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Author Topic: Prompts for Plots & Starters  (Read 622 times)

Prompts for Plots & Starters
« on: December 15, 2019, 01:53:20 AM »

Feel free to interpret these prompts as you like, to use either for offering plots on another plotter, for writing a starter, or setting up an open starter. Remember to check out Events for more ideas on holidays and aptitude tests!

During evacuation, someone needs rescuing.
A large harvest results in volunteers helping as farmhands.
Bandits rob a passerby.
After the Survey Corps leave for an expedition, an argument breaks out in the streets.
Birds flying over the Wall provokes chatter about the outside.
Unfamiliar to the area, a character asks for help.

Hunger hurts more than just the refugees.
A broken family heirloom needs repair.
Anger rises - a fight breaks out in the street.
Refugees stage a ceremony to honour the fallen.
Somebody begins singing a lullaby to the refugees.
Reports of a vicious gang have been greatly exaggerated.

A small child is caught stealing a noble's property.
Marriage arrangement gone wrong.
During a ball, a character uses a stranger to escape a tense situation.
Someone destroys a yeast-preserved shed, endangering supplies.
Protesters of the royal government crowd a popular street.
Paranoia makes a character confront another for following them.

Cadets share laundry duty for the morning.
The first group for kitchen duty struggle through baking bread.
A cadet's fear is discovered by another.
Sleep doesn't always come easy - a character enlists another to help tire them out.
Training during cold or wet weather.
They seek out someone better than them to gain some tips on their poorest class.

A stray dog sleeps by the gatehouse.
Soldiers are dispatched to help put out a house on fire.
Heavy rainfall results in a canal flooding.
Members of the Church of the Walls disrupt the placement of new cannons.
After a soldier's death, a basket of roses await at the bottom of a lift.
The soldiers practice an evacuation drill with volunteer civilians.

Two soldiers protect an injured comrade from an approaching titan.
Training against wooden titans just isn't the same.
A competition to get the most kills during an expedition.
Something goes missing from the barracks.
During an expedition, an abnormal titan charges through the formation.
Stories of past exploits and expeditions are asked for.

The perfect murder: detectives investigate a carriage abandoned in the middle of nowhere.
A noble demands that a street urchin be executed.
Escorting someone out of the underground city.
Reports of a stranger loitering at night leads them to stake out the area.
They're caught in the crossfire during an argument.
Tasked with tax collection, a soldier goes door-to-door.

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