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Author Topic: Waiting for the fall (OPEN)  (Read 75 times)

Waiting for the fall (OPEN)
« on: June 06, 2021, 06:47:44 AM »
Autumn, two years into training with the 104th

 The rain fell in thick soaking sheets, hissing as it pounded down between the branches, punching down through leaves to slap onto the ground or sodden clothing and exposed flesh. Yet there was no chance of training being called off or halted in the face of what the instructors claimed to be a mere shower. Not that Else cared if they canceled it or not, as a Scout which she aspired to be she would be exposed to a lot worse than mere rain. Today's mission, kill the Titans in the forest. Though the wooden targets certainly lacked the feel of one and did not bring forth the primeval fear those monsters infected all who stared upon their nightmarish hides with.

Else was cold, she was soaked to the bone and intolerably muddy. She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind as she soared through the forest. She may have not wanted to join the Military, but she was more than eager to take the fight back to the Titans who had taken everything from her, her home, her family, her chance at an ordinary life.
She would see her village liberated, rebuilt and the Titans... They would be destroyed, by her hand or someone else's but they would all be killed. And Else? She would be there to see it, she would survive, no matter the cost.

She always survived.

Up ahead she saw one of the wooden Titan's shift and rotate, she fired her ODM gear, but not at the target, but at the tree behind it. With a squeeze of the trigger she reeled herself in. As she passed over the target, she unhooked the anchors and let herself drop, forward momemtum carrying her forward. She rolled and twisted about in mid air till she faced the nape of the Titan. She fired an anchor and with a burst of gas, reeled herself in at incredible speed. Her blades flashed out, striking deep into the target's nape. One more dead wooden target. Else landed on her booted feet, skidding across the soaked forest floor in a spray of mud and wet leaves.

She paused to wipe some of the water and mud from her face with an soaked sleeve, wincing at the coldness of the wet cloth on her face.


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