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Author Topic: Webs' Wish List  (Read 532 times)

Webs' Wish List
« on: November 12, 2020, 01:15:38 AM »
[ Webs' Wish List of Wanteds ]
[ when in doubt, make more characters ]

These are the main characters I'm seeking to further plots! Each have plot ideas shared with characters of mine, but they definitely have further potential than that. There's a mixture of canon and original characters here, starting with listing the canon characters. Ask questions about any below, or contact me directly on Discord/PM!


Darius Zackly, commander of the three military branches
Zackly has a lot of power in his hands, and plenty of interesting details to him. The primary reason for requesting him is for The Trial of Eren Jaeger, in which he will decide Eren's fate. I'm open to exploring more with the two of them past canon, for instance Zackly watching him closely as a possible tool to use in his ambitions or plans, or else trying to find ways to get rid of this Titan-Shifting boy.
Other connections: Dot Pixis, Erwin Smith, Nile Dok
Dot Pixis, Garrison commander of Wall Rose's southern territories
Pixis is the first commander who finds out about Eren and the ability to Titan-Shift. He is present in Assault on Utopia and may have been by the Outer Gate when the Attack Titan attacks the abnormal titans guarding it. Typically stationed in Trost District, he also has many Garrison soldiers to lead both in Trost and around the southern territories.
Other connections: Darius Zackly, Erwin Smith, Gustav Volk, Ian Dietrich, Nile Dok
Keith Shadis, head instructor of the Training Corps
Shadis has his past, both in connection to the Jaeger family and the Survey Corps. I think he is someone Eren would look up to, but they certainly had their moments during his training. There's a great many cadets who would train under him from 845, and many more Scouts commanded by him. I also imagine he'd likely serve some part in the Trial of Eren Jaeger, as Eren is still a cadet.
Other connections: Erwin Smith, Hanje Zoë
Rod Reiss, true king of the Walls
Known primarily as Lord Reiss, Rod is the true king of the Walls and the one pulling the strings from behind the royal government. He is, however, somewhat powerless even then, especially with the likes of the First Interior Squad. His interest in Eren might be enough that he even visits the captive boy prior to the trial - or even attempt to have him kidnapped, only for the mercenaries or people used be caught.
Other connections: Kenny Ackerman, Krista Lenz
Marlene, Survey Corps team leader of Squad Marlene
There's very little known about Marlene, and not much about her squad either. It would be really interesting if she's quite a new team leader, and takes on some of the graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps during the Induction to the Regiments. Her cheerfulness would be pleasant for the graduates, and I think my Axel Falkenrath would look up to her.
Other connections: Gunther Schultz, Hanje Zoë


--- Schneider, cadet
This cadet (104th or later) is the maternal cousin of Axel Falkenrath, and all details about her are up to you! Her family is from Trost District, her aunt is Silke Falkenrath of the Garrison, and what she aspires to be is very open. If she and Axel trained together, I imagine that he'd urge her to choose what she feels enables her to help the most people, no matter what she does.
Face Claim: Yukino Yukinoshita from OreGairu
Vidar ---, cadet and Wall Maria noble
Vidar is a refugee from a part of Wall Maria, and is initially moved to Trost District. There they meet Axel, who gives them some bread after noticing how hungry they are and how they were unable to get rations one day. They form a bond with Axel, who sees them as someone who needs help, and the two eventually become friends, whether Vidar enlists or not.
Face Claim: Eugeo from Sword Art Online
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