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Author Topic: Ready, Set, Spar [Eren]  (Read 294 times)

Ready, Set, Spar [Eren]
« on: February 28, 2021, 03:35:54 PM »
It was the crack of dawn when Mina was awoken by a familiar voice. She rose out of the bed and splashed some water onto her face. She then donned her uniform and stepped outside, still feeling a bit groggy. She wondered whether her tiredness would affect her performance today. She couldn't make any mistakes, especially since she was gunning for the top ten. She looked around and saw that most of the other cadets were also tired. They lined up, waiting to receive their instructing.

The instructor began explaining today's rules to them. Today, they were to partake in one-on-one combat, as they had been doing for the past few days as well. However, today was going to be different. Their partners would be switched, and their new partners would be assigned randomly.

The names of every cadet were written on slips of paper, which were placed in a cardboard box. Every cadet would pull out a slip of paper, and the name written on that paper would be their partner.

When Mina's turn came, she reached out into the box and pulled out a slip of paper. When she saw the name written on it, she shrank a bit. She quickly placed the slip into her vest's pocket and smiled thinly at everyone, trying to hide the fact that she was screaming on the inside.

"Well, might as well get it over with." she thought

She approached her assigned partner, trying not to falter. She was feeling what a mouse would be feeling if it came face-to-face with a lion. There were people like that in the world, she supposed. People that made others falter with sheer willpower.

"Um..." she said quietly, hoping that it would be enough to get his attention "We...we are supposed to spar today."

Re: Ready, Set, Spar [Eren]
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2021, 09:14:57 PM »
Eren didn't... cope well with hand-to-hand combat. He wasn't rubbish at it, he wasn't! But he was... well, he was a bit shit, especially if he paired up with Mikasa. He tried to switch between her and Armin whenever possible so it was fair, though with Armin he didn't really do much hard fighting.

The idea of having a random partner flared up his competitive side more - he wouldn't be holding back for Armin and he wouldn't be on his ass half the lesson with Mikasa. He hoped he didn't get lumbered with any of the slackers. Though if he did, he'd teach them a thing or two about trying to slack off of important training!

Instead, he was approached by a girl with dark hair, and he didn't immediately remember her name. It started with M, he was pretty sure of that. The quiet way she spoke was probably why he didn't remember her name - that or because there were over a hundred cadets to remember and he couldn't possibly begin to remember them all.

"Alright, let's fight," he said, his tone just as intense as it had been ever since he got to the training grounds. He was already pretty well known for being the loud-mouth shouting about being part of the Survey Corps and wanting to bring down every single titan possible until they were wiped out. If there was one thing Eren wasn't it was quiet.

Backing up a few steps to make sure they had room from the others, he adopted an imperfect offensive stance. As one of the smallest and youngest cadets, being scrawny didn't help his less than imposing form. His opponent was at least a few years older than him, but that didn't stop the fierce look surface on his face. He at least gave her a chance to get into proper position before he ran at her.

Eren charged directly at her and lashed out with one fist.

Re: Ready, Set, Spar [Eren]
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2021, 10:06:41 PM »
Mina knew how to fight - theoretically at least - but in practice, not so much. She was very inexperienced when it came to these things, and she was rather certain that her current sparring partner wouldn't hold back. That thought made her sweat a bit.

'Why did it have to be him of all people' she thought inwardly 'I guess I'll just wing it and hope for the best.'

She raised a hand to block his fist from hitting her, while simultaneously raising her leg, intending to knock him off his feet. After all, if there was anything she learned during the theoretical portion, it was that the easiest way to defeat someone was to make them lose their footing.

Re: Ready, Set, Spar [Eren]
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2021, 10:19:24 PM »
Eren tripped, staggering, but caught his balance just in time. His foot slipped across the dirt, scrapping for purchase, his body almost dipping down into half a split. He jerked his other leg forwards, kicking up dust. Then he slammed his fist at her again, this time aiming for her shoulder. His style was scrappy, still just as erratic and angry as it had before he'd enlisted.

The skills he'd learned since joining the cadets were still unrefined, but he did know what to go for. Sort of. He figured if he could deliver a hard enough hit to her arm, she'd be weaker with that one and she'd open herself up a bit. Especially since she was quick to defend.

Re: Ready, Set, Spar [Eren]
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2021, 09:32:43 AM »
Mina ducked in order to avoid the upcoming strike, before preparing a strike of her own. Her hand curled into fist, and she struck upwards, aiming to hit her opponent's stomach. It was a move made more on instinct than anything else, as she doubted that what she learned in training would suffice here.

She also noticed there was no pattern to his attacks, and that maybe, she could take advantage of that and perhaps even prevail. She doubted this would happen, but she would still try her hardest.


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